Boat Test: Anglapro 424 Chaser with Suzuki 40hp 2-stroke
  |  First Published: December 2013

A basic tinnie that’s great value for money – that’s where nearly all of us with a boating passion started. They’re fun, they’re cheap to run and most importantly they get you on the water – and, in my case, into some fish.

And so it was with a great deal of reminiscing and joy that I took to the waters of Lake Eildon in the Anglapro 424 Chaser with Boats and More’s Simon Ryan.

Created with the vision of going anywhere and chasing down every possible thing you aim for, Anglapro says the Chaser is your solution to easy boating without limitations. The Chaser line-up gives you a big platform as a foundation to setting up your own rig the way you want it, but when you get home it’s compact enough to easily store away. At first glance I would agree with their summation of the 424.

We had the lake virtually to ourselves and with V&TFM’s Eildon reporter Andy McArthy and V&TFM ad rep Peter Jung in another boat, we headed to a few steep rock walls to try our luck for a cod or golden. The trip over from the Eildon Boat Harbour gave us a chance to assess the ride and performance of the Anglapro 424 Chaser.

Rigged up with a 40hp 2-stroke Suzuki tiller I have to say off the bat that this little tinny really got up and moving. I hadn’t tested a boat with a 2-stroke on it for a while and I forgot just how much power a 2-stroke has. Sure, it was a bit noisier and it is not as environmentally friendly, but wow, it had power to burn!

Getting on the plane was no drama; 2 up and we literally flew across the top of the water at wide open throttle. It was simply a lot of fun!

Some details

The Chaser models are built with a tough construction. The design gives you room to move and heaps of storage if you want to store the gear you don’t need but like to have just in case. Standard 3mm bottom and side sheets are used in the 424 spec model, and the 424 Chaser gives you the benefit of comfortable pedestal seats, structured internal layout or the option of a do-it-yourself interior design.

The deep V pressed hull delivered a comfortable dry ride in the calm conditions, as you would expect from an aluminium boat of this size in the calm of Lake Eildon. We did do some cross-overs of wakes and full-lock turns and the 424 Chaser really preformed well. I can see this boat knocking around a lot of estuaries, freshwater lakes, rivers and in the bays, given appropriate weather considerations. It would be a very versatile rig.

The gunwale-mounted grab rails are positioned perfectly for the skipper to hang onto, and the stability at rest allows for two anglers to get into the action.

On our test day I drove the boat in and around the many snags Eildon has to offer to get Simon into the best casting positions. I found the ability to alter the boat’s position fantastic at low speeds. A tiller steer is so direct as you can go from full port lock to full starboard lock almost instantly. Add in some shuffling from forward to reverse and you can walk this little rig sideways in very limited space, and I found this a great fishing feature.

I would love to have installed an electric motor onto the bow. If I was buying this boat for fishing lures, this accessory would be mandatory and enhance the fishability of the Chaser no end.

A reasonably large sized open anchor well will hold enough rope plus anchor and chain to suit most locations you would take this rig for a fish. Let’s face it, it is only a 4.2m boat so you’re not heading out deep sea fishing, so 50m of anchor rope, a good length of chain and a standard anchor would be swallowed up in the anchor well. We even stored some inflatable fenders up front and the well still looked like it had room.

One of the most appealing points though is that each Anglapro boat comes awaiting your customisation. This way, depending on the style of fishing you’re into, you can have your boat fitted out just the way you like. Starting with simple choices like the location, orientation and number of rod holders, every aspect of the internal layout can be modified to suit your wish-list. Now that’s called forward thinking and is one of the reasons this brand is enjoying such great success.

However, if simplicity is your game, you can get the team at Boats and More to organise a layout that will suit your fishing preferences. The Chaser is efficient by design and with every internal square centimetre available for use, the term ‘wasted space’ just doesn’t apply. And given the Boats and More team has years of experience on the water and in boats, their ideas and suggestions on internal layout are well worth listening to if you’re struggling for ideas.

“But how did the fishing go?” I hear you ask.

It was simply a tale of the one that got away. The only action we got was from a 6kg carp nailing a spinnerbait and a cranky golden around the 2kg mark following up Simon’s lure a couple of casts in a row (plus Pete got dusted up by a big cod). But it was a great day to be boating on Lake Eildon. At least, that’s what I am telling everyone!


The 3-year hull warranty aside, the great thing about the Chaser is its ability to be used for a huge variety of fishing options. Whether you want to troll for trout in the lakes, explore the bass and cod holding dams of the inland, soak baits for mulloway or even fish on the drift or at anchor for snapper, the Chaser 424 will open the realms of possibility without blowing the wallet out of the water.

If you want a compact package to tow and store but don’t want to be cramped on the water, you’ve just found your new boat. As always with your new Anglapro, there is the option to build it your way. Just give them your wish list!


Anglapro Chaser 424



Max hp50
TowingAny vehicle

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