Snap here, snap there, snapper everywhere
  |  First Published: November 2013

In case anyone has been hiding under a rock for the last month, I have some serious fishing news for you – snapper are going right off! The snapper are everywhere, with some rather large models amongst them.


Think of a place in the top end of Western Port that you have fished in the last 2 months, and go there asap! The chances are there will be snapper there and they will be hungry!

Joes Island is a snapper beacon and now is the time to be there. Local fishos Jason and Steve have done very well off Joes recently and had a ball catching snapper to 5kg on fresh squid. If Joes Island is a favourite of yours, I would suggest getting there as it won’t take too long for masses of pinkies to move in.

If you are just about over the snapper thing, the whiting will be just about ready to fire right up and there is no better place to be than the top end of Western Port. It would be well worth having a poke around places like the Tooradin and Warneet channels as I would expect a few fish to start moving in around the banks at this time of year.

The other thing a lot of anglers have noticed is the abundance of big couta around the port. There isn’t really a particular area that they are in, it’s just a matter of putting out a little bit of berley and they are there within minutes.


Snapper are absolutely everywhere and we are just hitting the peak of it now. Lysaghts is going off, the top of the runway is going off and some really nice fish are coming in from around Hastings.

Some cracking snapper to 5kg are being taken in 14m of water off Lysaghts and 7yo Zach Lauder recorded his PB snapper tipping the scales at 7.5kg.

The charter boats are also getting it done and putting their customers onto some beautiful fish. Tim Miles was fishing on board Think Big and landed a very nice fish of 6.38kg.

There really hasn’t been a standout bait, but as always, fresh is best. The calamari are still going gangbusters and take the opportunity to stock up on a few couta while they are around.

In amongst all of the snapper are some very decent gummies. Shaun Furitere put his customers onto a magnificent 14kg gumbo while on the snapper grounds. Not a bad by catch if you ask me!

As I mentioned above, the calamari are still in great numbers as Scott Harper recently found out. They got a cracking bag of squid off the Tyabb Bank on white 3.0 sized squid jigs.

Some very promising whiting reports are starting to filter through with a report of the magical 1kg whiting already being reported from the sand holes around Yaringa. If that is a sign of things to come, then bring on whiting season I say!

The middle spit is another area that will heat up this month. The whiting will really start to thicken up so a few exploratory trips onto its banks may just have you heading home with a rather decent feed.


Casting our memories back to this time last year, there were a lot of big King George whiting caught in the deeper water as bycatch when snapper fishing. These fish were generally another size class above the fish up on the banks so while you are waiting for the snapper rods to load, it would be well worth dropping a lighter rod over the side with a piece of squid or mussel and just seeing if a few of these bigger whiting are keen for a feed. You may be surprised by the results!

This publication is just not big enough to fit all of the snapper reports in so the biggest piece of advice I can give to all anglers at this stage of the game is to just get on the water. Stick to the key areas of the Port that are close to where you launch and you will have a great chance at landing some quality fish.

Good luck and keep the reports coming!


Some very decent gummies are out and about amongst the snapper.


Zach Lauder with his PB 7.5kg snapper!


Scotty Harper showing us a sample of the quality calamari up on the Tyabb Bank.

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