Parsun outboards: here for the long run
  |  First Published: November 2013

After seven years Parsun outboards have become a huge part of the Australian boating scene.

Thanks to a solid distribution network and a growing reputation for reliability and value, the brand has grown fast. The only way for that to happen in a country like Australia is to earn a reputation and in the case of Parsun outboards, that has been achieved.

We recently were offered a run with the new Parsun 25hp two-stroke outboard and it seemed like an offer too good to refuse.

We arranged to hit the water for a tour of the amazingly scenic Woronora River.

We met Garry Baikovas, the owner of Island Inflatables and distributor of Parsun Outboards, at the ramp.

Naturally, the new motor was fitted on an Island inflatable, a hypalon 2.7m boat. I put 2 and 2 together and came up with the conclusion that this boat was going to fly!

The boat weighs only 52kg, actually the same weight as the motor, so with its buoyancy it was really going to get up and go.

Now I am not one to understand all the specs when you’re researching a motor. There are some big words and some strange numbers, but to have it laid out and sold to me by the salesman, basically to dumb it down for me, actually made sense.

I was shown it’s as good as other motors on the market but for a smaller price tag!

The motor is made from a high-grade marine aluminium alloy. This means it’s made from a quality material to give you the ultimate corrosion protection.

The motor itself has a thermostat water-cooling system, which keeps and eye on everything inside for you.

The specs are below for the motor, as I said it’s confusing to the point that I know it’s a manual 25hp, you tilt it up and down manually, it has forward, neutral and reverse, you pull start it and it goes well!

We launched the boat jumped in and bang, one pull and away it went. In my opinion as all 25hp motors should; they are just little workhorses that run forever.

There were two of us in the boat (I got out to take pictures) and away we went with no plans, just to run around get a feel for the motor and boat and see this amazingly scenic river.

We cruised along in the 6 knots zone hardly hearing the motor. I loved this, as a lot of driving in 6 knots with a noisy rattling two-stroke is something I wouldn’t like. I must say the motor was very new with only a few hours on it, so I suppose it should be quiet.

Once outside of the speed zone we opened it up and with the buoyancy of the inflatable there was no real hole shot, it just took off.

I am not sure of the speed but it was going as fast as the boat would allow. In fact we pulled back the throttle to pull down the revs and run smooth. This didn’t really adjust the speed, just made for a quieter run.

We travelled about 20 minutes up the river, we both had a go at driving and then we took a few pictures and headed back.

It was a flat day so there was no chop to speak of. We created some chop ourselves by swinging into a few circles and the boat ripped through it and we threw the boat into some sharp turns and it all held well. There was very minimal cavitation coming out of sharp turns and when straightened it just pulled away again.

You can tighten or loosen the adjustable steering friction lever to get it just the way you want it.

Changing gears was also very smooth from neutral to forward and back and into reverse. The motor is fitted with a vibration reduction system; it made sense of its smooth running.

When deciding on your purchase, you have many choices even once you know you want a 25hp.

Your boat transom height will determine whether you need a long- or short-shaft motor. Ask your dealer which suits your boat.

You can have manual start or for extra you can order an electric start, it’s up to you. But these motors do start easily with a pull anyone could achieve.

So decisions, decisions. There are a lot of 25hp motors on the market but when looking and planning for your next motor, consider a Parsun outboard – they are here for the long run.

The motor comes with a factory two-year warranty and as tested costs $2,570, including a fuel tank.

Check www.islandinflatables.com.au for your local dealer or contact Parsun direct on 02 9532 0002.


Length Overall849mm
Width Overall399mm
Height overall1.134m
Transom height381mm
Full throttle range 4500rpm-5500rpm
Maximum output 18.4kW/25hp @ 5000rpm
Engine type2-stroke
Ignitioncapacitor discharge
Gearing FNR
Gear ratio2.08 (27:13)
Trim & tilt manual
Fuel 24L remote
Max fuel usage11L/h
Fuel-oil mix50:1
Gear oil capacity320cc
Propeller 3-9 7/8" x 11 1/4"
Warranty2yr manufacturer’s
Reads: 3730

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