Time to chase jewfish
  |  First Published: November 2013

This time of year is one of change. We’re waiting for what will be an awesome wet season to make up for the no-show from last year. How is that for confidence!

Drinking water is in short supply, and I would like to thank everyone for doing the right thing and not wasting water during the year. The Carpentaria Shire Council has also done an awesome job of suppling a wash-down facility at the point for boats. Big signs saying ‘don’t use for drinking water’ did not stop some travellers from filling up their caravan water tanks, much to the amusement of locals. They got a rude shock when they went to drink the water.

There are public toilets at the point boat ramp and one lady got more than she bargained for when caught by our local laws officer. He heard a drill and she came out with a roll of toilet paper she had unwound from the dispenser. I don’t think it occurred to her that other people might need to use it.


November marks the start of very hot conditions with 98% humidity, so you’ll want to have shade on the boat and drink plenty of water.

Now is also a great time to chase black jew in the river. There are some good deep holes at the mouth of the Four Mile and Six Mile creeks. Look to be set up at least two hours before the bottom of the tide and fish through until two hours after for the best result. Place a bait in the hole and place a livebait on the edge near the bank. The bait is for a black jew and the livebait is for a king salmon.

Be patient when getting a bite, as the black jew can just mouth the bait before swimming off. Striking early could cost you an awesome fish.

Be sure to bring some crab pots as we are having a good mud crab season up here (please check up on the rules when placing your details on the pots). Sometimes it can be tempting to look in someone else’s pot to see whether there are crab in the area, but it’s really not worth it. It counts as tampering with someone else’s gear, and you could be hit with a fine of $1100.

Normanton is a great place to catch fish at the moment, as a couple of off-duty policemen found out. They had just arrived in Normanton and put in their tinny to have a go. They managed to catch a few smaller fish before catching a 1.1m whopper… catfish. They took some photos before releasing it and headed back to the station to confirm they had only caught catfish. They showed the photo around to some bemused colleagues who informed them that they had in fact caught a king salmon.

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