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  |  First Published: November 2013

This month the hot water action really kicks into gear. Mud crabs, mangrove jack and elbow-slappers will be the three main targeted species taken in the passage. There will also be some decent grunter thrown into the mix as well as the stray estuary cod, which will be worth a photo and a quiet brag with your mates.

The humble flathead are still there for the taking but the hotter the water gets the more likely these guys are going to shut down. Don’t rule them out of your target species, just don’t expect to pull great numbers of big fish.

You can still get a good flattie session in if you keep your brain switched on and think like a duskie, then chances are you can target them with good success all year round. This is just one of the reasons I am a huge fan of this species. Just remember these guys are our number one soft plastic eater in the ocean. They are like little kids in candy stores; they will eat until their belly’s hurt and then eat some more.

Elbow-slappers are the number one on most estuary angler’s hit list right now and this will continue for months to come. Due to the power to weight ratio and A1 eating quality, make the whiting a very heavily targeted species. Although you can catch them all year round they really relish in the warmer waters. Size and numbers will reward anybody targeting these fish.

Worms are by far the best bait for whiting but if you can’t pull or dig your own they can get quite expensive to purchase. This can make the humble old yabbies look pretty good to a lot of anglers and they work a treat. Red Beach has been the go-to spot for most but the passage holds its fair share if you want to venture up around the middle reaches, like the mouth of Hussy and Coochin Creeks.

The jack will have their nose out now and for the months to come. Don’t underestimate these guys as they can pull and snap line and rods like twigs. So, if you are purchasing some new gear to target jacks spend as much coin as you can afford. Remember the quality will remain long after the price is forgotten.

The Donnybrook Jetty is back up and running thanks to a handful of the locals who chipped in giving up their time, skills and goods to lend a helping hand. High five to them! This is a great spot for the land-based angler to enjoy with the family. There are BBQs and swings close by and great food across the road at the general store. They sell fuel, bait and tackle as well. Please treat this place with the respect it deserves.

The mud crabs have been a worthy target with some good quality bucks being potted. My last crabbing venture left me with a few decent rusty bucks and a handful of A1 quality sand crabs. When I go again I’ll be chasing the sandies as they seem to of taken over the passage. Crabs are an extra tasty target at the moment but I expect them to drop off a little by the end of this month, so get in while the going is good.

Just remember to slip, slop, slap, slurp and hook in!

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