Spring smorgasbord
  |  First Published: November 2013

It may seem all doom and gloom with the barra off the target list from November 1 but fear not as there are literally 30+ of other fish species to throw your line at.

The creeks and rivers still offer some great fishing and changing your techniques can see you hook into a few of these wicked fish.

One in particular is the king threadfin salmon and you are best to fish in the deeper holes to target these great fighting species. Soft plastics are doing excellent on the threadfin with the Gulp range very effective along with soft vibes such as the Jackall Transam and Strada Senseye models.

It is quite important to keep your lure close to the bottom when going for threadys with a simple jigging action working fine. Slowly hopping it along the bottom should attract the attention of any foraging fish. The bite can be quite subtle so keeping in touch with your lure should see you connecting too a few more.

Mangrove jack is another favourite amongst anglers and these can be caught when casting smaller live baits and slab bait into the snags.

Rock bars are another prime spot to fish for jacks with the structure of the rocks providing excellent cover for these red brutes.

Using top quality leader is a must when fishing around nasty structure as it is a well-known fact that a good fish will drag you back through it.

Productive systems fish are the Haughton and Bohle rivers along with the large Hinchinbrook Channel to the north of Townsville. All these areas have ample amounts of structure to target jacks and, in particular, the Hinchinbrook Channel has plenty of deeper water to chase the king threadfin salmon as well.


The offshore water is alive at the moment with the warmer temperatures producing some top fishing with the popular reef species not slowing down too much.

Steady catches of coral trout are still being reported with the deeper water seeming to be fishing better.

The deep water on the wider reefs is very productive for a wide variety of species with some exotic catches flowing in. On a recent trip fishing wide offshore we have landed purple Maori cod, iron jaw snapper, gold band snapper and coronation trout along with many other species of cods. The deeper water can produce some special fish at times and if the weather is right it is well worth the extra drive.

November is a great month with many great fish on offer in plenty of different locations so there is no reason why you shouldn’t be out there having a blast.

Tight lines!

Barramundi closed season

The barramundi closed season on the east coast is from midday 1November until midday 1February barramundi.

The closed season means you can’t take a barra or intentionally target them. It is quite a hot topic on what you are supposed to do if you catch one; it happens a fair bit unfortunately. It is best to remove the hooks from the fish and release it as quickly as possible while trying to not remove it from the water.

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