Comfortable Summer Camp
  |  First Published: November 2013

With end of year holidays just over the horizon this is a great time to think about summer camping and what steps can be taken to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Looking back on some of our really great camping trips this year there were several things that showed us that our camping set ups were spot on for the circumstances.

Our trip to angler’s paradise Cape York saw us camping in rough circumstances. Firstly, we had sand and red dust under foot from start to finish, so the shade cloth on the ground was brilliant. This stuff can be swept when necessary and is a great idea.

Secondly, with day temperatures in their low thirties and no natural shade on hand, the big poly tarp we set up overhead had to endure some very strong winds so the use of an adjustable spreader bar across the centre to maintain shape was vital. Also, an Explore portable fan from BCF made humid 30°C nights bearable and would, I feel, be a really handy item for campers this summer. Power draw was minimal at 1.7Amps on low setting, which was fine.

Korr Lighting Products Invaluable

A selection of Korr Lighting products also made our life easy. Three 50cm strips of magnetised LED lighting were easily attached to the iron spreader bar overhead and linked to a 12v battery which we kept topped up with a 165 Watt portable solar panel from Korr Lighting. The house battery also powered the portable fan when it was in operation, charged our phones, I Pads, video and GoPro units so it had a busy life all round. Yet the solar panel kept it in good shape, never lagging in output.

External flood lighting around our camp was very important. Snakes were certainly about: sighting of marks in the sand where they’d travelled nearby were all too common so the powerful 18 Watt LED floodlight, which we set up on one of the brace poles at the front of the camp, gave us great peace of mind if we had to move away from the camp at night.

This small but very powerful waterproof light with its 1800 Lumens output had a wide flood beam (a dimmer in the line could reduce output when we wanted to) and being attached to the tent pole with a Korr Pole Clamp, it could be swivelled or aimed in any direction. We worked on the boat winch one night to repair it and the flexibility in the flood lighting set up was vital.

The Korr pole clamp can hold up to 50kg and can be set up on virtually any camping pole due to its variable 18-25mm and 35–50mm internal clamp diameter, which is achieved courtesy of removable spacers. Once a chosen spacer is set in place (no tools required) a quick acting cam/knob system then locks everything solidly in seconds. Korr can be contacted on phone (07) 3801 8332 or on the net at --e-mail address hidden--

Glind’s Cape Yorker portable Shower

When camping in hot or really humid weather it’s hard to beat a shower at day’s end which saw the Glind Cape Yorker as the icing on the cake for our far northern trip. Those showers were just so good!

The Cape Yorker? Where the traditional Glind hot water car or boat shower unit relies on a car or boat engine to heat water via a pump and heat exchanger system (and is usually installed under a car bonnet or beside a four stroke boat engine) the Cape Yorker is a stand alone system totally removed from a car or boat, which means it needs no installation.

Powered via an independent 12v battery and carried in a high impact Pelican-style carry case that is 340mm long, 290mm wide, 150mm in depth the Cape Yorker is a portable pressure wash system with a 4.3 litres per minute output courtesy of a powerful Flo Jet marine grade (OK in saltwater) pump.

With a 2m power cord and 6m of delivery hose. this unit needs only a source of power and water to direct a steady stream via the shower rose provided. This means it’s ideal for you and the family to enjoy at the end of a hot day or fine for washing down the car, boat, caravan or whatever else needs a spruce up.

Looking at the kit in detail the input hose is high pressure industrial material, the output system a generous 6m of clear hose to facilitate the delivery of water to a shower tent or another chosen area, perhaps a boat privacy cubicle. The Cape Yorker’s shower rose is totally adjustable from full flow to reduced flow or even turned off for a quick wash where water is in short supply. Hot water showers require no more than a bucket of hot water being handy for the input hose.

Bear in mind that people who want hot water continuously for their camping could have a Glind heat exchanger fitted to their vehicle and simply connect the input hose of the Cape Yorker to the output of the heat exchanger. It’s been done before.

All components of the Cape Yorker are largely Queensland made and there’s even an optional very fine stainless steel filter that is designed to operate in a mixed sand and water environment. Normal retail price for the Cape Yorker would be $225 but an introductory offer of $199 is current. Glind can be contacted on (07) 3408 6226 or on the net at www.glind.com.au.

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