2013 Gold Coast Flathead Classic
  |  First Published: November 2013

The 20th Anniversary, 2013 Gold Coast Flathead Classic, run by the Gold Coast Sportfishing Club, was another great success with anglers finding a way to cope with the tough conditions and the tough fishing to secure some impressive fish.

Top of the tree was a Sydney-based 2 person team, the Soft-Ons, who battled out the competition around the Jacobs Well/Cabbage Tree Point area amassing a very credible 2101 points, the only team to score over 2000 points for the tournament. Making up these points were 29 individual fish that measured a combined length of 14.61m. If you remember back to last year when Team Dog amassed almost 4000 points, it’s clear evidence at just how tough this year was when compared to last year’s fruitful event. Soft-Ons’ average fish size was just over 50cm and I reckon plenty of teams would have loved to have that average over the competition.

Taking out the top 3 person team was Switchbait with an impressive 1931 points. This team nailed the fish all tournament for an impressive 91 fish landed and 33.8m of flathead bought to the boat and measured. Switchbait’s average fish was just over 37cm, showing the incredible importance of maintaining the catch rate. You really do have to keep the score card ticking over.

This year saw a record 503 anglers compete across the 2 1/2 days of what proved to be quite tough fishing conditions Despite being in temporary housing due to the Commonwealth Games development, punters reported that the tournament precinct was the best yet. It was bigger, there was more seating and more exhibitors and sponsors came on board to make quite a spectacular tournament precinct. A big thanks to those sponsors who had displays and added signage this certainly contributed to the atmosphere, it made this into an event, not just a fishing tournament.

The largest fish caught over the comp was by Brenden Whyte from Team Evinrude Whyte Boyz, who also came in fourth overall. This fish was an absolute cracker at 95cm and was caught in deep water on a Jackall Transam near Crusoe Island. The second largest fish was a 94cm corker of a fish caught on the last day in the final 10 minutes of the competition, also in deep water near Crusoe Island. So while there were not many fish in the deep, there certainly was some impressive size about them.

Taking out the junior prize was Stuart Grice who amassed a very impressive 945 points to edge out young gun Cooper Sands who tallied up 745 points. To put this into perspective, these kids would have finished 6th in the seniors for Stuart and 16th for Cooper. In a very hard competition, that is very impressive fishing and shows the talent of the kids coming through.

The major senior prize of a Blue Fin Wild Cat, Evinrude E-Tec 50hp, Oceanic Trailer and a Bonza wrap was much sought after by the crowd and the random winner, Ryan Dixon, walked away with it and he was absolutely blown away! He is replacing a very shabby tinny and will be proudly fishing this boat very soon. The Junior random draw winner young Aiden Cross who walked away with a Blue Fin Catfish, Evinrude 3hp and an Oceanic Trailer. The look on his face was priceless. Everyone who was lucky enough to participate in the random draw finale walked away with some great products including fishing gear, eskies and electronics.

So how did Fishing Monthly go? We were pretty happy to finish 12th overall in the competition and found the fishing exceptionally tough. We landed 32 fish for the tournament at an average length of almost 44cm. Most of our fish were caught on the troll, but Shayne McKee started our tournament off on the right foot with a 67cm fish on his third cast. It only got tougher from there for us and to finish 12th was a real bonus.

Make sure you check out the fact boxes with the winner’s interviews and log onto www.goldcoastsportfishingclub.com.au or check out the Gold Coast Flathead Classic Facebook page for a heap of photos, some great info and all the results.

Fact Box

Soft-Ons go hard to win while Mayhew wins Individual Champion

For overall winners, Soft-Ons, the tournament was a raging success and the Sydney-based, 2-person crew had an absolute blast of a time fishing the Flathead Classic.

I spoke to Andrew Mayhew, Overall Senior Champion, about their spectacular effort.

“Thursday was a bit of a fail for us.” Said Andrew.

“We had very few fish but some great advice and a bit of searching on Friday turned everything around.

“On Friday we looked for shallow water between 0.5m and 1.5m deep and trolled a mix of Austackle Bonehead and Lively Lure Micro Mullets. I used the Austackle Bonehead in purple with black stripes and Friday was the day that it shone.

“We trolled at about 3 knots and covered plenty of ground between the Pin and Russel Island until we found a good patch of fish. We landed 13 scorers and that jumped us right into contention.

“On Saturday we found a different patch of fish in the same general area, but it was Dean’s turn to shine as I struggled to turn a reel. Dean landed an 86cm and 72cm fish in quick succession on the Micro Mullet and set up our win.

“My Saturday was a little more interesting with a lure not swimming and a bit of gear failure leading to a broken rod, a dropped outfit and me going for a swim fully clothed to rescue the outfit. Dean thought it was hilarious,” said Andrew.

The team caught no fish on plastics for the entire tournament and coming from Sydney, competing as a 2-person team and winning overall is a sensational achievement. Both Dean and Andrew finished in the top 5 to finish what can only be described as one of the great performances in one of the toughest tournaments the Flathead Classic has seen.

Fact Box

Switchbait switches it up to take 3-person team

Team Switchbait, the suppliers of the fantastic tournament shirts for this year’s Flathead Classic, changed their tactics and location constantly over the three days to secure their fish and complete a fantastic overall 3-person team win.

Dan Hickey said “We didn’t manage to do much prefishing as a team, however we had a bit of a plan going into the event of hitting our old spots and working from there.

“On day one we struggled in our tried and proven locations, but after a bit of spot hopping we found a heap of fish in tight to the mangrove edges that were nailing plastics. We caught a heap of fish, but really struggled to find bigger fish and we spot hopped a lot.

“We were fishing bright coloured plastics in the dirty water and moved from down near the Seaway all the way up to Tipplers on day one without finding a really reliable pattern”.

Day two arrived and Switchbait decided to brave the elements and hit the Pin in 25-30 knot southerlies. They struggled to find fish early and made the decision to move back to the Tipplers area and fish the edges of the mangroves again.

Dan said “The edges produced a few fish but not enough so we switched up to trolling and chose the ever reliable Lively Lures Micro Mullet.

“Colour didn’t seem to matter as all the colours we used got hit. What was important to us was to show the fish something different and the Micro Mullets are a vastly different presentation to the plastics,” said Dan.

Day three started slowly and it wasn’t until 9:30 that the Switchbait team got their first fish, a fish around 60cm that was quickly followed by another. The key here was that they had switched tactics again, lightening up their leaders and using vibration baits such as Jackall Transams and TT Switchblades. Again Tipplers was the chosen venue.

“I think it was important to switch presentations over the course of the competition and I have to thank David Green and Danny Sands for pointing out that the fish get lure fatigue. They said that sometimes, something different is more important than finding somewhere different and this proved spot on during the competition,” said Dan.

With a team total of 1931 points, Switchbait finished almost 150 points in front of the next team to finish second overall and claim to 3-person team title in 2013.

Fact Box

Big Girl for Brenden

Brenden Whyte, from Team Evinrude Whyte Boyz was lucky enough to catch the largest flathead of the competition, a cracking 95cm girl that came as a bit of a surprise.

“We were fishing in the deep water (around 25’) near Crusoe Island looking to find a patch of 40cm fish on the run out tide to keep the scorecard ticking over,” said Brenden.

“The water was very dirty and I was fishing a Jackall Mask Vibe in clown colour with a lift and drop retrieve under the boat. The tide was racing out and the big girl hit just like a mulloway. The first run was a classic with the fish taking around 30m of line.

“After the first run, the fish basically gave up the ghost and as it neared the boat I saw its tail and that’s when all hell broke lose on the boat.

“All of a sudden everyone was focussed on getting this fish into the net as we knew it was big. Luckily my crewmates, Nick and Dave, are good at their jobs and the big girl slid into the net and we were amazed.

“Measuring 95cm overall, she just fit inside our 1m long measuring device and we were stoked”.

But Brenden did not stop there with the big fish as he also took out the biggest mulloway, a cracking fish at 106cm.

Brenden said “The jew came from around Short Island and took a 5” McCarthy plastic in chartreuse. The fight lasted around 15 minutes and we knew it was a good mulloway from the way it was violently shaking its head and taking line at will. This fish was also caught in dirty water”.

I asked Brenden about his tackle and he said it was nothing special and a simple 2500 Certate reel matched to a Loomis NRX 803 rod capable of handling the 20lb braid and leader set up he uses was it. Simple and effective!

Fact Box

Other Category Winners

Longest Flathead Overall and Casting:Brenden Whyte, 95cm
Longest Flathead Trolling:Jamie Pollock, 87cm
Longest Mulloway:Brenden Whyte, 106cm
Longest Trevally:Scott Blair, 53cm
Longest Tailor:Jason Heller, 49cm
Longest Mangrove Jack:Bill Hossack, 43cm
Longest Estuary Cod:Carl Lorrigan, 47cm
Longest Whiting:Chris Byrnes and Luke Haber, 40cm
Longest Bream:Craig McKenzie, 40cm
Random Junior Boat Winner:Aiden Cross
Random Senior Boat Winner:Ryan Dixon

Junior Result

RankAngler Score

1Stuart Grice945

2Cooper Sands754

3Emily Backus548

4Rebecca Hay460

5Madeline McKenzie368

6Harry Morgan361

7Ben Freeman322

8Aiden Cross311

9Jack Burt293

10Brandon Leonard279

11Aidan Scott269

12Taj Faraone223

13Jordan Sherring208

14Kaden Webb204

15Carter Oliver164

16Reece de Beer145

17Timothy Angus144

18Nicole Sands138

19A Junior132

20Lilly Black122

21Jacob Sands122

22Shannon Souter83

23Cooper Hornburg79

24Lucy Macdonald77

25Liam Burt67

26Hunter Austin55

27Poppy Macdonald45

28Kyle Trewin40

29Brayden Kliendienst40

30Mariah Neilsen25

31Jaimee Horner20

32Logan Calnan20

33Brandan Aubrey10

34Tom Napier-Hill10

35Kyle Paterson5

36Flynn Jekyll5

Senior Results * QFM writers and staff in bold

1Andrew Mayhew1132
2Alex Hallam1090
3Murray Rogers1063
4Dean Hanckel969
5James Nishida956
6George Sands921
7Danny Sands920
8Brad Donald903
9David Hill891
10Troy Dixon881
11Kazi Rembacher867
12Jamie McKeown833
13Paul Neilsen776
14Kevin Lappin768
15Geoff Carey761
16Con Vouts758
17Brett Dixon743
18Roy Latter728
19David "The Doctor" Green723
20Jason Heller708
21Dale Haw706
22John Rafton702
23Benny Job695
24Blake O'Loan693
25Shane Holding687
26Nick McKeough679
27Grant Waine674
28Thomas Ryan668
29Steve "Ankles" Booth662
30Michael Fox660
31Brenden Whyte648
32Carl Lorrigan647
33Jamie Pollock645
34Tony Zann638
35James Mavroidis635
36Matthew Hill629
37Guy Mc Connell622
38Shayne "Cuddles" Mckee621
39Nick Whyte615
40Jack Gleadhill614
41Brett Rayner613
42Charles Felsman608
43Michael McErlean587
44Graham Dodds572
45Shane Gartner567
46Josh Pagura565
47Mathew Tyler560
48Ashley Bryant558
49Michael Angus556
50Dale Giddings553
51Jim Harnwell543
52Joel "JS" Scott541
52Mike Smith541
54Robin Shearer534
55Skye Needham522
56Zac Charlton518
57Lee Hill515
58Ross McCubbin511
58Shaun "Hazza" Harrington511
60Craig McKenzie509
60Rob Mckinnon509
62John Hall500
63Matt Fraser496
64Justin Willmer495
65David Whyte492
66Craig Backus487
67Gary 'Squidgie' Palmer484
68Christian Cross483
69Dean Lapham480
70Tom McLeod478
71Colin Powell477
72Patrick Kiely476
72Aidan Hurry476
74Damon "Smoke" Nichols472
75Bryce Evans470
76Peter Macgregor462
76Rob See462
78Tim Nagano461
79Charles Britton457
80Brad Farrell456
81Michael Kelly454
81Jake Neilsen454
83Benjamin Cole451
84Darren Caldwell449
85Mick Mckinnon447
86Alex Glassington446
87Dayne Taylor443
88Karl Rembacher441
89Paul Tamis436
90Chris Brown435
90Trevor Kelly435
92Glen Jackson434
93Craig Robinson433
93Jeremy Flintham433
95Craig Templar428
96Luke Slavin424
97Rob Payne423
98Wayne Lodington420
99Nathan Tuskes417
99Roy Souter417
101Jayson McKenzie416
102Pete Major412
103Daniel Hickey410
104Terry Ryan409
105Dave Litzow404
106Cameron Golightly402
107Bill Hossack400
108Keith Woods399
109Josh Mclaren397
110Shane Levesconte393
111Anthony Fullarton391
111Nick Salter391
113Liam Mcmahon376
114Brad Job374
115Theo Delios373
116Mick Stewart372
117Shane Podmore371
118Brendon Knight368
119Nathen Frecklington367
119Ian Ackland367
121Shane Suliman366
122Ben Harris365
123Kenny Allison364
123Luke Rafton364
125Luke O'Connor362
125Barry Martin362
127Garry Rayner356
128Scott Sellens353
128Ross Dalzell353
128Ashley Rabbit353
128John Ward353
132Phil Alder352
133Troy Wegner350
133Alan James350
133Cody Haynes350
136Kristie Ahmet347
137James Paterson346
138Scott Blair344
139Don Fulton340
140Brad O'Rourke338
140Dean Dibler338
142Mick Horn337
143Ashley Ward336
144Ian Davies335
145Shane Austin333
146Andrew Woods332
147Chris Smith331
148Grant Flesser330
149Stuart Calnan327
150John Durre325
151James Innes322
152Paul Phillips316
153Andrew Lewis315
154Nate Lapham313
154Tom Slater313
154Matt Goodall313
157Scott Waine311
157Lindsay Stevenson311
159Steve Vella310
160Robert Bekkers307
161Chris Mitchell304
162Neil Decker302
163Brandan Trewin301
164Ben Prendergast299
165Carol Brown296
166Evan Harvey295
167Jeff Robinson294
167Joel Sorensen294
169Philip Hill288
170Scott Gregory286
171Morne de Beer284
172Neal Caruana283
173Martin Zietsch280
174Robbie Wells279
175Allan Brice278
176Wayne Smith277
177Ben Collins276
178Mitchell Ferris275
179Nathan Sheiles273
180Danney McDowell272
181Dave Wareham271
182Sean Chambers267
183Greg Butterworth266
183John L McGrath266
183Stuart McCready266
186Dave Kahler265
187Andrew Jekyll259
187Ben Richards259
189Marc Huisken256
190Matthew Day253
190Daniel Hogg253
192Darryl McMahon250
193Trent Jepson249
193Scott Fleming249
195Tracey Mammen246
195Todd Payne246
197Allan Davies243
198Neil McDonald242
199Michael Broun241
200Andy Graham240
200Paul Gill240
202Luke Jarzynski239
203Treena Clarke238
204Andrew Reeves237
204Nic Catasti237
206Christine Hunt235
207John Goodall234
208Dougie Burt232
208Adam Long232
208Thomas Seebach232
208Chris Byrnes232
212Steve Nash231
212Brett Martin231
214Jim Bowers228
214Jason Kuit228
214Tony McQueen228
217Mark Wetton226
218Glenn Owen224
218Matt Paterson224
220Sean Conlon222
221Steven Grisinger213
222Rodney Cook212
223Mark St. Ledger208
224Tamara Andersen206
225Jade Durand204
226Chris Robertson202
226Glen Phillips202
228Robert Scott199
229Greg "Man Lure" Livingstone198
229John Thwaites198
231John Burke197
232John Siggs195
232Jon Felsman195
234Rodney Milkins193
235Peter Jung191
235James Ross-Munro191
237Shane Wohlsen188
238Brett Jordan187
238Peter Crompton187
240Brett Horner186
241Mark Grice184
242Trevor Blackstock183
243Dave Goodyear182
244Aykut Ahmet180
245Phil Holtmann179
246Justin Hewitson177
246John Stanton177
248Simon "Avocado" Marshall172
249Troy Malkin171
249Robert Slavin171
251Glanville Heydenrych170
252Nigel Middleton169
253Jessica Souter168
254Alan Osborne167
255Evan Zikos165
255Brad Shorter165
257Matt Walker162
257David Gibson162
259Scott Cooper159
260Corey Murdoch158
261Darren Davis157
262Scott Clarke156
263Chris Jordan155
263Tim Rough155
263Mark Greer155
263Mark Warren155
267Stephen Wilson154
267Andrew Griffiths154
269Patrick Conduit153
270Jai Endersby151
270Rhondda Wetton151
270Eddie Kettley151
273Mitch Zischke149
274Tom Fisher148
275Ross Richards147
276Monica Irvine145
276David Naggy145
278Darrin Crowley143
279Garry Harman142
280Steve Andrews141
281Darryl Cheetham140
281Nick Bielby140
283Shane Kliendienst138
284Glen Birch137
285Nick Cleary134
285Fay Rohweder134
287Todd Haber133
287Blake McIntosh133
289Barry Henderson128
290Lyndsey Lazzaro125
291Christian Pulvirenti121
291Dennis Kliendienst121
293Lionel Khun118
294Bruce Ruttley117
295Dion Crack115
296Steve Dunlop114
297John Hockings113
298Sam Taylor111
299Wayne Dawson110
300Cameron Ward107
301Tim KIepe105
301Jesse Hill105
303Darren Mann104
303Brett Boyton104
303Nick Blanche104
303Jay Cottrel104
307Kevin Sands103
307Tim Dalzell103
309Stuart Dowie-Bridges102
310Clint McClennan100
310Mat Hubbard100
310Jason Clifford100
313Jamie Douglas99
314Kyle Windsor95
315Ian "Big E" Phillips94
316Justin Calvert93
316Wayne Watson93
318Nick Morcus92
318Jamie Knox92
318Ryan Dixon92
321Chris Head91
322Brad Haskins88
322Mitchell Vercoe88
322Matt Long88
322Irene Robertson88
326Brad Beckerly86
326Will Lee86
328Gavin Smith85
329Shane McGrath83
329Josh Herbert83
331Kenneth Thompson81
331Steve Ward81
333Aidan Robertson79
334Stone Needham77
335Gerard Wilkins75
336Mark Cherry74
336Paul Flanders74
338Jack Lenne73
339Adam Haber70
339Richard Bumpus70
341Dean Houghton69
342Michael Boyle67
342Kerri Jekyll67
344Paul Gregory66
345Kurt Bougen63
346Neil Duncan62
346Mat Kennedy62
346Josh Drinkwater62
346Ian Duncan62
350Alan Young61
351Luke Funch60
352Shane Gallard59
352Wendie McDonald59
354Shaun Forrest58
355Ian Woodward55
355Joakim Odlander55
357Michael De Simone53
358Luke Geale51
358Bill Aubery51
358Johnno Dempsey51
361Nathan Andersen50
362Macintyre McKenzie48
362Mark Burrows48
362Drew Pearce48
365Glen Hazlett43
365Damian Mann43
367Trent Griffin40
368Jan van der Kwast35
369Jason Reid30
369Chris Paterson30
371Nick Fleming25
371Matt Siggs25
371Brennan Webster25
371Malcolm Trotter25
375Dylan Cook20
375Dave Lawless20
375Dave "Coal Train" Taylor20
375Tyson Upton20
375Wayne Kemp20
380Dan Hockings15
380Bernie Hockings15
380Liam Andrews15
380Luke Tilney15
380Patrick Aubrey15
380James Thompson15
386Anthony Bailie10
386Colin Macdonald10
386David Granville10
386Chris Bell10
386Sam Ingham10
386Darren Conduit10
386Justin Welsh10
386Peter Dick10
386Joe Bowen10
386Oliver Braben10
386Jason Kennedy10
397Lee Hennessy5
397Adam Urbaniak5
397Michael Aubrey5
397Clinton White5
397Lachlan Ma5
397Michael Cole5
397Michael Wood5
397Robert Hay5
397Tom Ingham5
397Bruce Andersen5
397Shaun Lee5
397John McGrath5
397Luke Haber5
397Brenton Stemm5

Team Results

RankTeam NameTeam TypePoints
3Team SandsMixed1777
4Team Evinrude Whyte BoyzSenior1755
5Team DogSenior1616
6Beer & BullshitSenior1584
7Team Hi SeasSenior1580
9Dusky DeviantsSenior1539
10The Mad HueysSenior1524
11Furious FlickersSenior1485
12Fishing MonthlySenior1481
14Great Northern Brewing CoSenior1438
15Austackle 2Mixed1416
16The Geriatric DuoSenior1401
17Ballina Bait and TackleSenior1387
18Wilson FishingSenior1379
19Fishing WorldSenior1360
21Gold Coast Trailer SuppliesSenior1340
22Popeyed Scare BearsSenior1336
23Lizard WizardsSenior1268
24Hardheaded HookersSenior1260
25Flat Out FlickinMixed1234
26Anglers Connection Bait & TackleSenior1221
27Lizard TuggersSenior1197
28Team Z-ManSenior1182
30Hella Marine Team On StrikeMixed1166
31Team Big FishSenior1131
33Team M.S.GMixed1129
34Dougie's TackleworldSenior1128
35Abbott & CostelloSenior1120
36Tinny 2Senior1120
37Go CampingSenior1105
38Crazy CastersSenior1090
40Team Head HuntersSenior1070
41Shakin The ShadSenior1068
42The KnotfarsSenior1066
43Big DealSenior1059
44Z-Man LuresSenior1058
45Give Me Flat HeadSenior1044
46Lured UpMixed1035
47Flathead AssassinsSenior1016
48Team Next YearSenior1010
49Flick and TrollSenior981
50Nu LookSenior964
52Team OiyaaSenior949
53The Jig SpittersSenior944
55The Marlin Hunters Health RetreatSenior933
56Fifty Shades of FlatheadSenior876
59Team MontiesSenior850
60S & R Caravan SolutionsSenior802
61Team CrestlinerSenior796
62Mad & DadMixed784
63The Salty SeamenSenior782
64Flatty HuntersMixed781
65Team Fish CultureSenior780
66Good VibesSenior776
67Beagle Brothers Senior761
69HJ TackleSenior742
70Team Urunga - Spotters Senior737
71D TeamSenior705
72Dodgy 1Senior679
74Charltons FishingMixed668
75Chuck 'n' DuckSenior647
76Bonza 1Senior639
78Aussie AnglersSenior624
80Team Pany DropperSenior621
81Skye High StonersSenior599
83Dougie's Tackleworld FamilyMixed592
84Team TT/ZMan JrsJunior (U16)591
85Drunk DudesSenior588
87Blue MackerelSenior581
88Lure Fishing On The Gold CoastMixed564
89Team Quitya - Bitch'nSenior563
90Cool RunningsMixed554
91The Reel TeasersSenior551
92Team 13 FishingSenior545
93A Tradie & His LadySenior527
94The Plastic SurgeonsSenior520
95The Try HardsSenior509
96Fish On!!!Senior507
97Salt 'n' PepperSenior506
98Schneider DuskiesSenior488
99Foul HookersSenior484
100Lowrance Gen 2Senior481
101Team JAMSenior478
102Team R & R HayMixed465
103Hit and MissSenior456
104Flick & DuckSenior456
105Team Flat Stick Senior445
106The Flick WitsSenior442
107KiwiyakaSenior Kayak433
108Team BoetjiesSenior430
109Mojo McArthyMixed429
110The Fishing TemplatesMixed428
111That DaM TeamSenior423
112Wasted SeamenSenior412
113Team TerrySenior411
114Croc AttackMixed410
115Team Brisbane CamperlandSenior406
116Whyalla WizardsSenior405
117Whitewater Marine StacerSenior399
118Team NilfishSenior393
119Electric Sports FishingSenior390
120Oxenford Bait & TackleSenior389
121Team PattoMixed386
122Bundaberg MarinelandSenior385
123Dawn 'til DuskySenior377
124Team Heavy TackleSenior370
125Code OrangeMixed370
127No Flicking IdeaSenior366
128Burnt OutMixed361
129Addicted Fishing Co.Senior360
130Triple Hook-UpSenior360
131Soft SpasticsSenior360
133The Tackle Shop Carseldine 1Senior356
134Jiggy JiggyMixed347
135Horizontal CraniumsSenior332
136Team JekyllSenior331
137Pro-Cure ScentsSenior327
138Tough MuddersSenior325
139The Plastic Spastics Senior320
140Two Shads & A StickbaitSenior318
141Flathead DazzalersSenior300
142Fins N GrinsSenior299
143The Barnacle BrothersMixed298
144Cracka FlattySenior297
145Hooked UpSenior290
146Kakadu AnnexesSenior279
147Fisho's FishwatchSenior265
148Knot Tangled Senior258
149The Tackle ShopSenior256
150The DominatorsSenior255
152Lazy LizardsSenior247
154Bias BoatingSenior238
156The Master BaitersSenior206
158Dyslexic Luckhead FlatwitsSenior167
159Team ShirazSenior163
160Team Island TribeMixed159
161McFish HeadSenior150
163Big Mac and Small FriesMixed132
164Team EffortSenior130
165Power HookJunior (U16)122
166Delirium Blind BastardsSenior121
167The PippiLickersSenior120
168Get Jiggy With ItSenior114
169Oceanic TrailersSenior110
170Jackal and HydeSenior108
171Team MootdangaSenior104
172Papatura PiratesSenior104
173Team Flatz RatzSenior103
174Austackle 1Senior93
175Bonza 2Senior87
176Flatty YakkerSenior Kayak85
177Team Ol' TroutSenior84
178Pancake CreamSenior83
179Sideways HandstandSenior80
180Team AusfishSenior80
181The Reel DealMixed79
182Bluefin StarsSenior79
184All The Gear & No IdeaSenior61
185I'm OnSenior56
186Mudgeeraba Auto ElectricalSenior48
187Blow'n Off SteamSenior43
188Flatty FanaticsSenior43
189Jack SparrowSenior30
190MAKO EyewearSenior30
192The Bench BoysSenior20
193Team FishLifeSenior20
194Hell BentSenior15
195Three TossersSenior5

The Soft-Ons were the first 2-man team to take out the overall win in a lot of years – and they did it easily!

Brenden Whyte with the biggest flathead of the competition, a cracking 95cm beast.

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