Monster trout and solid bass
  |  First Published: October 2013

The weather may have been horrid but keen anglers trying their luck in Blue Rock Lake have had great success.

I was amazed to see bass turning up in winter so it looks like we have ourselves a new fishery here. Lure anglers haven’t been as successful at catching bass as the bait anglers, but this could be due to bass becoming a bit more lethargic in the colder water.

Anglers using worms have been catching the most bass and many just fishing from the banks around Willow Grove and a few are also turning up near the dam wall as well. Clive Rendell and his son have been catching plenty of bass and Clive tells me the mornings and late afternoons are the sure fire times to catch yourself a bass.

There have been plenty of mixed sizes, but it’s interesting to see that there are heaps of bass around the 27cm mark. This is great news and could prove that the bass are growing faster than expected. We are just to get another stocking a Blue Rock bass this month, so the fishery should keep getting better and better.

With October just about here, bass should really start to fire and become more aggressive. This will give the lure anglers a far better chance of catching a bass. The bass have reaches sizes now that larger lures such as spinner baits will really be worth trying. These lures can be thrown hard into the timber without getting snagged.

Anglers trolling should be using bibbed diving minnows between 40-70mm for the bass as well and it pays to use a shallow running or surface lure and a diver as well. The warmer evenings are the times to cast your stick baits and other floating style hardbodied lures into the bank edges.

This worked especially well during last summer and I think as the bass get bigger, it will be an even more successful technique.

Plenty of anglers are trolling the lake now and this has led to some impressive catches. Andrew Kettelar caught a monster brown trout recently in Blue Rock measuring 69cm in length whilst trolling the top end of the lake using a hardbodied lure.

This fish gives us an insight into how big some of the trout are here, so it’s definitely worth getting out here and having a go. I’ve heard rumours that there are talks of lifting the motor restrictions on the lake, so I hope this true and we can get a speed limit instead of motor size restrictions, as these motor restrictions the stupidest things I have ever heard of.

On other news it looks like fisheries about to stock other Gippsland waterways with bass again so hopefully we start to hear more frequent reports of bass in some of our local streams as well.

Next month I should have an update on the health status of Traralgon Creek for those of you whom are interested… so stay tuned.

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