Game on as spring slides to summer
  |  First Published: October 2013

Anglers who have braved the winter weather and caught some excellent fish have plenty to look forward to in October.

Lake Tooliorook

Trout are well and truly on the chew. The lake is still not full but with some expected wet weather the lake level should rise and make it easier for boat launching and land-based angling. Currently it is difficult to launch larger boats with weed around the shoreline causing a few issues. That has not stopped anglers from catching quality brown trout to 3kg.

We have had some excellent results with fish to 2kg casting flies and lures from drifting boats as well as trolling winged and hardbodied lures. Marc Ainsworth spent a few days casting lures at Tooliorook catching and releasing some magnificent brown between 1.2-1.6kg. Marc said the most effective way of catching the trout was casting minnow pattern hardbodied lures in various sizes from a drifting boat into the windward shoreline; the choppier the water seemed to offer more cover for the trout and they were on the chew. The Daiwa Double Clutch hardbodied lure was the best performed lure.

Lake Wendouree

Wendouree is full of water and fish. The lake has recently been stocked with rainbow and brown trout in various sizes. The fishing hasn’t stopped over winter and in spring it will only gets better. Anglers have been catching plenty of trout to 1-2kg stripping wet flies out of a drifting boat. Trout seem to be spread out over the lake so there is not just one hot spot. Those casting and trolling hardbodied lures on the lake have catching some lovely brown trout to 1.5kg along the edge of the main rowing channels. Mudeyes suspended under bubble floats is tricking brown to 1.6kg, especially when anchored hard up against the weed edge.

Fly fishers again wait in anticipation that the mayfly hatches will occur on Lake Wendouree over the spring months we have seen very small hatches in the last couple of years but nothing like the pre-drought years.

Hepburn and Newlyn Reservoirs

Big things are expected from these two waters as the water levels have risen over new ground. Hepburn Lagoon should produce some double figure fish if last season is anything to gauge the fishing on.

This water is full of food and the trout just seem to gorge themselves on mudeyes, stick caddis and smelt. This water is only a shore-based fishery for anglers. Access can be gained from the western, northern and eastern shorelines through private property. Proven results come from flyfishing, casting lures, bait fishing with Powerbait, mudeyes or worms.

Moorabool Reservoir

I expect this water will finally prove itself to be a very good fishery this spring. It has been heavily stocked with trout and it’s time for it to fire up. Mayfly hatches appear on the reservoir from late September right through to November. Overcast days will produce the best results.

Flyfishing, casting lures and bait fishing will all produce trout up to 2kg. This is only a land-based fishery and wading is not permitted on this water.

Tullaroop Reservoir

This water is filling up over new ground and looking absolutely magnificent. Trout will be milling around the flooded lake margins gorging themselves on worms, grubs and frogs plus whatever has been flushed out of the ground.

The water fished very well over the winter months and I believe it will only get better as we get some warmer weather and the trout really start feeding.

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