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  |  First Published: October 2013

Anglers should start to see the fishing increase dramatically soon as the amount of rainfall that we have received in the last few months has been perfect.

In some areas this has meant short-term loss for long-term gain. In many of the local river systems the water clarity is poor, but with this influx of freshwater associated with rising water temperatures it is only a mater of time before the quality of the fishing increases. The local impoundments continue to rise and if the recent trend of rainfall continues there is a very good chance the majority of these will reach 100%.


Water levels in the lake are starting to increase and water levels are very good in the impoundments above Lake Eppalock with the Upper Coliban at 100%. Lauriston was over 80% of capacity and rising quickly. Malmsbury was also increasing. If these impoundments reach full capacity this is when we get good inflows down the Coliban River into Lake Eppalock. When this does occur Lake Eppalock can fill very quickly.

Currently small numbers of redfin are being caught with the majority of these caught in deep water on soft plastics or trolling deep diving hardbodied lures. If the inflows continue we should start to see the numbers of redfin being caught increase. Redfin should also start to move into shallower water as the rising water levels cover fresh ground.

The numbers of golden perch being caught has been low but this should change shortly and we will hopefully see a significant increase in catches. Casting lipless crankbaits and medium sized hardbodied lures are very good methods for targeting golden perch.


The fishing in the Campaspe River has been slow over recent weeks and water clarity is currently poor, which should continue in the short term. I believe there is a very good chance that we will hopefully see the spillway at Lake Eppalock going over again this season. If this does occur the fishing will be very productive in the Campaspe River directly below Lake Eppalock.

We should see the fishing productivity increase later in spring when the water clarity settles down.


The fishing in Cairn Curran has continued to be patchy. There has been the occasional angler who has managed to locate a good school of redfin in 8-10m. Trolling deep diving hardbodied lures and casting soft plastics and blades have all been productive methods. Unfortunately these schools have proven difficult for most anglers to locate.

There continues to be small numbers of trout being caught at this location however the majority are small. Water levels are rising nicely at the present time and there is a very good chance water levels will increase. There is currently a reasonable amount of vegetation on the banks. This is good for food sources and will help the productivity in the fishing. As water temperatures increase and the food sources increase around the shallow margins of the lake we should start to see increased numbers of fish moving into the shallower water. Bait fishing with worms or small yabbies can be very productive at this time of the year.


Water clarity is currently poor at most locations along the Loddon River however the catchments along the Loddon River are filling nicely at the present time. If they reach maximum capacity then we will see a period of higher flows and water clarity will stay poor. I believe if the current trend continues there is a very good chance this will occur. This will have a negative effect on the productivity of the fishing in the short term.

When water flows reduce and the water clarity improves then the productivity in the fishing should be good. Water temperatures are currently cold but they should start to increase shortly.

If you are chasing golden perch I find the consistency of catch rates to improve once surface temperatures are over 18C. Please remember we are currently in the closed season for Murray cod. It is an offence to target Murray cod during closed season. If a Murray cod is accidentally caught by an angler it must be returned immediately to the water with minimal harm.

The closed season is there for a reason and to protect this species during its breeding period and increases its chance of breeding and producing some natural recruitment for the future.

The golden perch fishing should improve significantly during October.

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