Yellowbelly set the agenda with good trout too
  |  First Published: October 2013

Spring has arrived it is like the weather gods have flicked a switch. Even if we don’t get further rain in October the lake already at 90%.

A little more wouldn't hurt to take the pressure off for the irrigators to slow down releases prior to Christmas.

During the first couple of weeks of spring there were early reports of yellowbelly feeding in the warmer pockets of water up around the Bonnie Doon area. Most interesting was the fact that they also started to chew down the south end near Taylor Bay and Jerusalem Creek where the water temperature was still very cold.

We might be in for an early spring, especially as the wattles and other flowering trees have started to bloom early; this is usually a sign that the yellowbelly are going to be on the radar soon.

So dust off your bibless crank baits and replace your trebles as you don’t want to lose the fish of a lifetime by using a bad hooks.

Check all your gear as it’s going be a hectic spring.

October could really fire hard after the slower than average winter that we had. It is always this time of year that I love on the lake for the simple reason you just don't know what you are going catch on any given cast.

Here’s on tip if you don't spend a lot of time on Eildon. Recently some good trout, redfin, yellowbelly and out of season cod have been caught on small Stumpjumpers in black and purple, black and gold and pink. It is such a great all-around lure for all the species so I highly recommend you give them a run to maximise your chances right across the board.

Redfin should start to chew bait harder as the water temperature rises. They should come up in the water column so bait up and get back into them as there is nothing like a good feed of reddies.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the trout fire up either for the simple reason that most of trout caught lately have been well in need of a feed, unlike myself.

Just remember that cod season is closed and Eildon is one place where by-catch happens a fair bit so look after these great fish and release them carefully for the upcoming season.

Fish to your strengths for at this time of year; confidence is very important and using the lures you know work is super important.


The rivers are going to be a week to week prospect depending on release flow and rain the best thing I can offer you here is to ring Goulburn Murray Water for a recorded message on the lead up to your trip.

The best fishing coincides with consistent releases for 2-3 days or the longer. The greater the consistency the better the fishing will be so ring 03 5774 3928 and you can make an informed decision on your own.

The author with an enormous yellowbelly – this spring will see plenty more big ones caught.

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