Say goodbye to cold, hello spring snapper
  |  First Published: September 2013

Now we can finally put the cold months behind us and start putting the hard yards in to finding our prime target species.

Firstly, we shall see the squid coming through and then the snapper, ah the elusive snapper, nothing quite like the feeling of a tight line with the knowledge that you have a decent snapper on the other end.


Snapper, what a great introduction to the new season! The snapper alone is reason enough to get any angler that has remained dormant during winter to dust off their rods and hit the water.

Weather plays a large part as to when the snapper season really starts. If it starts to warm up earlier than we can expect to see the snapper coming through sooner. The best place to start your search for the snapper is in the off shore reefs at about 20-50m of water.

Snapper love fresh flesh bait, so you can’t go past bait such as squid, couta and salmon and you may even come across some gummy sharks whilst you are waiting for your prized snapper to arrive, and in saying that patience is the key to snapper fishing.

They are already coming in good size and numbers, so it is looking to be a good season ahead.


The squid have had a slower start to the season, as we have grown accustom to seeing them coming through slowly during winter. They have now started to show up in numbers in the usual areas around Queenscliff such as Swan Bay, the Bight and also Point Lonsdale pier. On the other side of the bay there has also been some good squid caught off Sorrento and Portsea piers, so that is definitely worth giving a go.


Whiting in Queenscliff has been the mainstay during winter, giving the hardcore fishos something to catch during the cold season. As usual the whiting enjoy their squid for bait and they have been in good size near the rip area, but when moving up the bay they have been dropping in size, though they are still good in numbers. Whiting can be expected to be around during September though they may start slowing down at this stage.

With spring here and the fishing dynamics changing with more species of fish on offer, many anglers change their focus to the squid and snapper.


Australian salmon are predicted to be along soon as we start to troll the beach and pick up the odd one here and there. To be out specifically targeting the salmon can be difficult, for at times as soon as they bust up right in front of you they can be gone, however sometimes they can be on a feed for a while and you have plenty of opportunity to fish them.

Make sure you always have some white Ockies on hand in case you find yourself in the middle of a bust up of salmon.

As many anglers take the opportunity in winter to rest or go to warmer climates to get there fishing fix, spring is in the air and the fishing down in Port Phillip and Bass Strait will start to see a resurgence of fish species in the area.

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