The tides have turned and here comes the fish
  |  First Published: September 2013

The top end of Western Port has exploded and I honestly cannot remember the fishing being this good at this time of year before.


The top end of Western Port has literally gone from a ghost town to a fishing heaven over night. The rain has flushed out the feeder creeks and the fish are loving it. I have had quite a few reports of a large school of yellow eye mullet milling around in Deep Creek. At this stage of the year it can pay off to add a few mullet to the bait freezer without having to put too much effort.

The Grantville Jetty has began to produce some quality fish for those willing to hang around after dark. Dwayne Bailey had a nice little session off the jetty landing a nice table sized gummy on the in coming tide. The local kayak contingent has been giving the Lang Lang flats a good work over and they are still managing to pull more gummies than most boat based anglers!

An absolute bucket load of gummies have been taken on the high tide in 2-3m of water on both silver trevally and salmon fillet. Most fish are around the 5kg mark. The Bouchier and Boulton channels has lit it up of late and it’s good to see a few anglers getting amongst the action. Boultins Channel has been littered with quite a few small gummies but with a bit of persistence a good feed can be had. David Anderson has been fishing the banks of the Bouchiers Channel and finding that a lot of the small gummies have been cruising around this area as well. Salmon fillet has been the go to bait and most fish are averaging between 4-5.5kg.

Joes Island has seen an awesome run of early season snapper and though most fish have been on the small side there has been some crackers amongst them. Adam Gully has been dominating the pinkie snapper on the last of the run-in tide with most fish averaging around 1kg. Pilchards have been the bait of choice. On the other side of the Joes Island coin was a crazy 5.4kg snapper taken by local angler Travis. Trav was in 11m of water and fishing first light was the key.


The north arm of the port has been a calamari hotspot as many anglers have found out. Luke McCredden and Rhys Kane ventured out onto the Tyabb Bank recently and completely dominated the squid. Size 3.0 jigs in purple and pink got the job done and let me tell you, there were some very serious squid amongst their bag. Local angler Daz is another who has found success on the Tyabb Bank and the bigger 3.5 sized jigs were the most productive; Shaun Furtiere has also found the bigger specimens taking the 3.5 sized jigs.

Snapper have also turned up it great numbers in the north arm and if anyone is going to find them it’s Peter Ferguson. Fishing in his beloved north arm Pete found a couple of cracker early snapper with fresh calamari being Pete’s favoured bait. Jay Whitford headed out for gummy fish and though the gummies didn’t want to play the game Jay landed a lovely 4.5kg snapper. Not a bad by catch if you ask me! The Middle Bank has also had a sprinkling of snapper over it with local fisho, Andy, netting a nice 65cm snapper in 8m of water.

It is certainly an extremely good sign of things to come with the amount of snapper that we have seen come in already and it’s a refreshing reminder that things are on the incline after a long and miserable winter.

Don’t forget that it is still early season though and it can, and will, still be a little hard work out there. Focus your attentions around the tide changes and fish the peak times of the tide and then move on.

It’s still a great idea to try and keep the squid coming in to gear up for the madness of the season which is only around the corner!

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