Rivers run dirty as welcome rains drench the catchments
  |  First Published: September 2013

The Bendigo region received significant rainfall in mid winter.

With more rainfall forecast in the near future we are now seeing the water clarity deteriorate in the majority of local rivers. Water clarity is still good in the impoundments and water levels are steadily increasing.

Lake Eppalock continues to be slow for most anglers, but there are still some able to catch some quality fish, especially redfin. Redfin numbers caught on the whole are low with a small average size. A few anglers have been skilful enough to locate quality schools of redfin in deep water of 8-11m. Trolling deep diving hardbodied lures has been a good method for locating a redfin school.

Once the school has been located casting soft plastics or jigging ice jigs has produced fish to 42cm. A local Bendigo was chasing redfin when he noticed fish rising and started trolling a lure down 3m. He managed to land two quality trout around 50cm in excellent condition. Trout are not currently stocked into Lake Eppalock, but there is some natural recruitment into the lake.

Small numbers of golden perch continue to be caught, with the majority of these on worm bait or trolling deep diving hardbodied lures. Hopefully we should see increased numbers of golden perch over the next few months.

The Campaspe River has been reasonable recently with small numbers of golden perch and the occasional Murray cod caught. Please remember that the cod season is closed in September.

Small numbers of quality redfin have also been caught recently. Water clarity has started to deteriorate after recent rainfall events and more heavy rain will be the major factor in how the fishing will be. It is still worthwhile fishing with lures however.

Cairn Curran has been patchy lately. Water levels are rising slowly and clarity is currently good down the bottom end of the reservoir with a little more colour in the top end of the lake. The greater concentrations of fish can be found at the top end of the lake, with redfin making up the majority of catches.

Redfin have been difficult to locate with most only managing to locate small numbers of small fish. The occasional angler has been able to locate a good school of redfin with fish up to 1kg being landed, caught using small yabbies. Casting soft plastics and trolling deep diving hardbodied lures have also produced some reasonable numbers of redfin.

There has been an improvement in the numbers of trout numbers caught, with mostly small sized fish with the occasional quality trout. Trolling small hardbodied lures and winged lures has been best.

The Loddon River continues to be slow and the best water clarity is below Cairn Curran. In this section small numbers of redfin and the occasional golden perch have been landed with small numbers of golden perch being caught around the Newbridge area.

The fishing has been slow around Bridgewater and the best water clarity in the ski zone. As you travel further upstream the water clarity deteriorates. Unfortunately with the likelyhood of more rainfall in the near future the water clarity will continue to deteriorate and the productivity of those anglers fishing with lures will stay low.

This pretty little trout was caught recently at Cairn Curran.

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