Rivers open for trout after a tough winter
  |  First Published: September 2013

Thank goodness the rivers are open again because this has been one of the toughest winters on the lake in the last ten years.

This is from a personal point of view and is shared by most punters that I have chatted to over the last couple of months.

Throughout the remaining part of winter the lake remained fickle at best with very small windows when the fish would come on the chew. Thankfully the odd cod or two kept a few of the lads happy before cod season closed but when Eildon fishes the same for natives as trout you know something weird is going on.

The longer winter went on the more apparent it is that the major change in projected weather cycles has seriously affected the fishing. After we had that good lot of rain recently the lake went up by a full metre and seemed to unsettle the fish again. It just seems to be every time you think things are ready to fire another major change in the conditions comes along.

With a bit of luck September will bring some favourable spring-like conditions. I will mainly be concentrating on finding bays with water flowing into them, pushing feed down into the lake with it. Trout should come up in numbers after spawning and start to feed hard again and you might also pick up a few of the cracking redfin that have been chewing sporadically in the colder months. I’ve heard of up to 50cm models being reported.

One very interesting thing is the schools of little reddies have disappeared almost completely; it's very odd.

Recently I caught a nice trout on a Beardys lure which is a hand crafted timber made by Daniel Beard. At first glimpse they are a robust different looking lure but once you swim one you will love them. They have a great action and they catch well. On a recent trolling mission when things were really tough this was the only lure to get any interest at all. It’s good to see a bloke having a crack.


I’m stoked to be back on the banks in my waders again and it should be a great season on the rivers right up until the irrigation starts. Hopefully we get some good rain in September as well to hold off the release into the Goulburn. Enjoy the fishing guys but please take all your rubbish home with you a lot of places looked like tips after the Queens Birthday weekend in June.

October 19-20 will see the Eildon Big Fish Challenge being held with cash prizes and a boat and motor package to be won. There will be countless other activities over the weekend at the Pondage. For more information go to www.eildonbigfishchallenge.com.au get on it one and all it will be a blast.

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