Time to spend time getting organised
  |  First Published: September 2013

Right, there is no way to really avoid it!

It is September and there is not a great deal going on off shore. We may have longer days and plenty more sunshine but that is about it. We can’t even go and catch any striped trumpeter as the season is shut for the entire period of September.

But all is not lost, it’s maintenance time!

We have had a fairly good season and we have given all our gear a fair flogging. No matter how well we look after it we need to give it some loving. They may well be big strong robust looking things but overhead reels needs to be looked after and serviced. This is not something to be afraid of or thought to be ‘too hard’. With a nicely clear space and a thorough approach most people are more than capable of getting the job done.

If indeed things do happen to go pear shaped there is always YouTube to get you out of the poop. I am often found on the laptop out in the shed looking at the web page www.howdoiputmystuffbacktogether.com

Once you have everything back together and re-greased you can cast an eye over the rod itself and then the leaders and line. If you find any abrasions or snicks in the line pull it off until it’s gone or replace entirely. Place it in cupboard and then dust the hands off: job done.

Some time now can be spent going over lures, replacing eyes and hooks or even just sharpening up ready for the season that is coming. If you see a hole in your arsenal or some terminal tackle you need to replace or have not got, then make a list and put a plan together about stocking up. It is better to replace some of these items over time in the off-season rather than trying to get it all in one big go. That just adds up to a nasty condition called wallet shock!

The next thing to cast the eye over is the pride and joy herself.

The Boat

Poking about and getting the head in and under places you never bother or need to look is a good idea and head off a prospective problem before it becomes an issue. Look for weeping steering or fuel lines, corrosion on accessory wiring and things that have come loose. Our boats do a fabulous job in all conditions and at times cop quite a jar from all angles in heavy seas.

It makes sense that things may come loose or dry areas can occasionally get some salt water in them. Water traps and fuel filters can be replaced and even tanks checked and given a condition treatment. All this doesn’t take a great deal of time but can be worth its weight in gold at the start of next season when you are busting to get out on the big wide blue.

When that has been done and dusted you may find time to have a crack at a trout or two or a feisty bream just to keep the eye in.

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