A blooming good time for all
  |  First Published: October 2013

I’m sure most of us are more than thankful to see the end of Winter. The sight of everything in full bloom and enjoying warm weather is about as good as it gets in my books.

At this time of the year all animals are extremely active and so too are the fish.

Most fish species will be quite active this month but the natives will probably be the most active of all.

Golden perch and Murray cod will be peaking but remember that the cod season is still closed and any by-catch Murray cod must be released as quickly as possible with the least amount of harm.

To help reduce your cod by-catch it pays to use lures no bigger than 60mm. You can still accidentally catch the occasional one but by using these small lures you will at least be trying to do your best not to do so.

Those who get out there each closed season and troll or cast oversized lures targeting golden perch are kidding themselves. We all know what they’re doing, targeting closed-season fish at their most vulnerable. There is no real sport in it.

It is just a matter of time before these sad anglers get caught and I hope I am there to laugh when they do.

The golden perch in Blowering Dam will form large schools this month and at the right time, the action can be sensational.

Blowering is one of the few dams where you can see a monster golden before you catch it. It is possible to spot them down as deep as 20’ most of the time in the amazingly clear water.

An electric motor to quietly cruise around the shallows will help to spot these fish before you cast and will also limit the number of fish you spook. These goldens in the shallows can be very flighty so keep noise to a minimum and make long casts well away from the boat.

On a good day it is common to see the fish before you catch it but on a bad day you will see heaps of big fish. Catching them can do some people’s heads in.

Late in the day is easily the best time to target these fish. They will bite throughout overcast days but on clear days I have found you are wasting your time before 4pm.

Cast small lures like Balista 60mm Juggernauts, 60mm Dynos, Mazzy Vibes, TN50 Jackalls, Ecogear VX Blades, WD Low Profile spinnerbaits and the reliable Ecogear Grass Minnows and Power Shad soft plastics.

Work the backs of shallow, weedy bays, along rocky outcrops and around submerged trees late in the day.

Remember, they are schooled up at this time of the year so if you catch one there are definitely more in the area.

Hammer it until the action slows and then maybe rest things for an hour or so and then revisit the area. Quite often this is long enough for the fish to feel at ease again and get back to their business.


After what feels like the longest closed season ever we can finally get stuck into some great running water trout action come October 5.

The lake action has been sensational all year with lots of rain and cold weather to the trouts liking.

Huge numbers of fish have been caught at Eucumbene and Tantangara dams especially but Talbingo, Blowering and Jounama have yielded good results over the closed season at times.

This month most anglers will be getting back into river and stream trout which will mean smaller crowds on the lakes.

The Tumut, Goobragandra and Goodradigbee rivers will see plenty of angler traffic this month but with the places not being fished for months you’d be silly not to go and get amongst a few healthy and generally quite easy fish yourself.

Bright, flashy spinners like Roostertails or small hardbodies like Rapala CD3s and CD5s will be all you need. The fish will be quite hungry after spawning and will attack these lures with gusto.

The smaller creeks will also fish well this month and more than likely be pretty popular as well. The Tumbarumba, Nimbo, Adelong, Yaven, Buddong, Gilmore, Jounama and Paddys creeks have all had good flow through the closed season so natural recruitment should be good add to the fish that were stocked last season. You are in for some great small water trout fishing this season.

With so many options it is hard to choose where to go this month but that should be a pleasant change, considering the limited choices we have had for the past couple.

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