Prime time for flatties at Jumpinpin.
  |  First Published: October 2013

What a cracking time of year to fish the ‘Pin as the water temperature heats up then so will the fishing.

Flathead should be continuing to make up the bulk of the catches as they will still be around in large numbers after their breeding season so if you’re after a feed of flathead, then now is the time to get out there and hit the water. The Flathead Classic is run this time of year because it is the best time to catch lizards. Last year well over 2000 fish were caught and released back into the system over the 3 days of competition and all caught on lures so if you’ve never given lures a try, now is the time. Aim to fish at the first of the run out tide as this is the time when lizards become more active and feed. Being an ambush predator they will be lying in wait behind snags, holes, drop offs and where the sand meets rock walls and as the water level drops they will be looking for an easy meal. Live mullet and herring should be the pick of the baits but if you can’t get any of those then pillies, prawns or white bait should do the trick. The pick of the spots this month to try will be along the bottom of Kangaroo Island, the mouth of the Logan River, deeper holes off the Never Fail islands, Tipplers Channel, the mouth of Whalleys Gutter, Kalinga Bank, along Crusoe Island and the Broadwater sand flats near the Seaway.

Bring on the whiting, there should be plenty about the sandy banks near Tipplers, Never Fail, Diner islands, Cobby Passage, the Green Bank and Ageston Sands in the Logan. The best bait being blood or beach worms and yabbies. Prawns or squid should also get them on the bite.

Small schools of chopper tailor should be coming through the bar chasing schools of white bait so use lures that look like white bait or just pick up a frozen pack of them and use small ganged hooks. Look for the birds diving and tailor chopping and get in there and chase them. The better quality fish will be running along the beaches of North and South Straddie as they make their way down the coast and you will definitely have better luck fishing at night.

Great catches of bream throughout the ‘Pin will be the norm in October from the usual hotspots. A lot of pickers but still some quality 30cm+ bream will definitely be available so keep persisting until they come on the bite near the top of the tide. Try around the Five Ways, Short Island, Tabby Tabby, Fishermans Channel, the Powerlines and of course Kalinga Bank.

Big mulloway move through the bar this time of year as the bait schools move through and can be caught at the bar, out from Swan Bay, Kalinga Bank, the point of Short or the deeper holes that hold bait. Using Livies is a must and patience required as they will play with a bait for ages before actually eating it.

There should be the odd mulloway, cobia and snapper available on the close in reefs for those that like to head out. Thankfully, the muddies have arrived on time after a dry end to the winter months. These should be being caught mainly in the Albert, Logan and Pimpama rivers and Redland Bay Channel or around the mangrove lined banks near Cabbage Tree Point, in Jacobs Well Channel and southern side of Russell Island.

Outside there may be the odd early season pelagic hanging about with mac and longtail tuna a prize catch amongst all fisherman. Trolling lures on the surface should stir up some action but if the fishing is quiet then try deep diving lures that rattle to try to entice the fish into a strike. Thanks for all your reports and fish weighed in. Drop us a line at Gem Bait and Tackle if you’d like to order bait or get some up to date info on what’s biting on 07 3287 3868 or email --e-mail address hidden-- .

I’ll catch you next month.

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