Alternative options while barra breed.
  |  First Published: October 2013

The month of September has seen some awesome fish caught with people catching their first metre barramundi and loving it. High winds have made it harder to fish out the front and this will continue into October.

Our closed season for barramundi in the gulf is from midday on 7 October until midday on 1 February. It is an offence to target them so please leave them alone to breed. This will allow plenty of fish stock to be caught in future years.

This is a good time to work over the rock bars in Normanton for king salmon with barramundi caught here as well. Red lures are a good bet to try and you can change if they do not fire. The rock bars come out of the water at low tide so be careful, shallow lures will be needed.

Please keep watch for crocodiles, as there are some big ones above the bridge at Normanton.

Mud crabs will be around so do not forget to put some pots in. Spread them out in the river to give yourself the best chance to catch a feed.

When passing boats coming toward you, please head to starboard (right) to pass them. This is the opposite of land-based travel and it tends to confuse people. If you see someone coming towards you and you are not sure, the best thing to do is to stop the boat and allow him or her to do the right thing.

We have had an awesome time with many morning glories coming across the sky in September. People have travelled from faraway places and they were not disappointed with the result. These clouds come across the sky in a big cylinder and the experience is worth a look.

Grunter in good sizes turn up in October when most visitors have gone home and they are great to catch and eat. The locals love to go out the front for them without having to compete with many other boats. The easy way to find them is just leave a bit later to put your boat in and look for other boats. They will take most baits, with peeled prawns a good option.

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