Spring shines on anglers
  |  First Published: September 2013

The Noosa River has really turned it on this winter with plenty of big fish being caught. As we move into spring, let’s hope this continues!

Good GT up to 65cm, big golden trevally up to 70cm+ and line burning cale cale trevally have all made their presence felt in and around the current lines on the moving tides near the river mouth. Lightly weighted live herring or even half a pilchard or an unweighted prawn have all accounted for plenty of fish, however, by far the best method has been slow rolling soft plastics along the bottom. This method really comes into its own, especially when fishing during daylight periods or when the river is busy with all the boat traffic.

The trick to slow rolling your plastics is simple. Just slow roll the reel handle but with none of the usual flicking and lifting of the rod as you would normally do when fishing with artificials. With the slow roll, the lure is crept along the bottom imitating a prawn or small baitfish not trying to draw attention to it-self; as a bait might do with a pack of hungry trevs around.

Best soft plastics to try are any of the prawn imitation lures, like Gladiator Prawns, Zerek prawns, Ecooda Live Shrimp and the new range of plastics from Trick Baits, which I have been doing really well on. Long fluorocarbon leaders of at least 3-4m are essential for day sessions and the lighter the better.

Just to spice things up even more, the boys from Davo’s have been catching mangrove jack in really good numbers in the river on lures on the run-out tides up at the entrance to the first lake. Flathead are also on the chew in this area, but be mindful of size and bag limits as there are plenty of big flathead around at the moment.

The ski run has been fishing well in the early morning run-in tide for big bream and trevally. Further up near the Tewantin marina good mulloway have been caught at night on live bait.

The Gympie terrace stretch is fishing well for bream, flathead and whiting early and late in the day with best baits peeled prawns. Munna Point will still have good bream and flathead as the weather warms and is always a likely spot for whiting near the coast guard boats.

Woods Bay is the spot if you are after some of the trevally action mentioned before and an early morning run-out tide is part of the recipe for success. Big tailor and hairtail also frequent this area so the odd lure or bait is sometimes snipped off by these guys.

The Maroochy River has had its fair share of big trevally also along with tailor and flathead. Fishing under the bridges with surface poppers and small metal slugs is the way to go. The river mouth has bream, whiting and the odd mulloway up to 16kg on a run-in tide and we are still hoping for a return of those monster queenies from last year.

Along the beaches it’s been a bit of a no show again with the tailor but the amount of mulloway that have been caught this season has helped make up for their absence.

Big sea bream have been on at Coolum for a while now, along with some decent whiting. Over at Noosa Northshore some excellent catches of bream and whiting have come from the Double Island Point end of the beach.

The offshore reefs are really starting to pick up with bigger snapper now settled in and most of the bigger reefs are producing good fish. Chardons Reef will have snapper, Moses perch and hopefully some good mulloway. North Reef will have the same but with the bonus of Venus tusk fish also on the bite.

Closer in, Sunshine Reef is good for snapper, cod and the odd good pearlie plus keep your eye out and a rod ready for the tuna as they start smashing the bait schools at this time of year.

A run over to Halls Reef in spring is always worth a look as the tuna usually show up there first, along with big schools of pilchards. Snapper and sweetlip will be on the bite at Little Halls and it is always worth having a bit of a troll around here as the sun gets up; tuna and the odd mackerel will also be on the prowl.

All in all it’s looking like another good season on the Sunshine Coast and we'll just have a little prayer for some decent weather for the offshore brigade. For all your info on what’s biting and where, log ont o www.fishingnoosa.com.au or drop into one of our Davo’s Tackle stores at Noosa or Marcoola and have a chat with the boys.

Tight lines and bent spines!

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