September sweet water success.
  |  First Published: September 2013

September spells the change in the weather as warmer days are starting to dominate the calendar and some top-notch fishing is going on at many popular locations.

The creeks

The creeks and rivers are a top option for species such as barramundi, mangrove jacks and the occasional nice threadfin salmon.

Fishing in the estuary systems in and around Townsville such as the Haughton and Bohle are options out of the main hub, although the Ross River and Ross creek should not be over looked. The potential of the Ross River and creek are big with them having all the available ingredients to mix up some great fishing. These include sections of deep water, areas of structure (both man-made and natural in the form of rock bars and mangroves) and also ample amounts of bait, which is an integral part to attract fish into the area.

Anglers do quite well fishing at night casting lightly rigged live baits and lures into the lights of the bridges and jetties scattered throughout the length of these systems. As many anglers would attest, the light can work wonders for the fishing with it primarily attracting schools of bait in the form of prawns, mullet, herring and smaller whitebait.

These large amounts of bait are followed by predatory fish and casting around the lights is a simple and effective way to get into some of them. Lures that are ideal options are the Koolabung blades, Strada Mayan and the Gulp prawn in the 3’’ size has also been successful. Allowing your lure to sink just beneath the light then slowly retrieving it back has been the most effective technique.

Sweet water

This month and the two that follow are excellent times to fish the rivers, creeks and streams that are home to fun species such as jungle perch, sooty grunter and also barramundi and occasionally mangrove jacks.

This is a cleansing form of fishing with the reward of walking further, finding spots where not many lines are cast.

The fishing is top notch at some of these spots with the fish not that pressured and it is common to see a pack of big angry sooties fighting over your lure. Smaller lures do seem to work better and surface patterns are great choices too. Poppers, stick baits and fizzers all seem to get their fair share of strikes and a good tip is look for any shaded areas along the bank with overhanging trees as they are usually home to a hungry jungle perch or a few sooties. Tighter sections along these fresh water streams are also top spots to be fishing with the increased current making for an ideal ambush spot for any fish as food can be washed down to them with minimal effort.

Soft plastics and smaller blades can be a better option in this faster water with their sinking action getting them down an in the face of the fish waiting for a meal. Casting upstream and slowly jigging you lure back with the current is a great fishing method, just keep on the ball as often you will get hit as the lure is drifting down without you even noticing!

September has plenty of options to catch a fish, whether you are land-based or have the option to go from a boat, so keep casting and good luck!

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