Howling wind hassles Hinchinbrook.
  |  First Published: September 2013

Recent weather has still been unreasonable for most offshore fishers and those very same trade winds have been pushing showers onto the coast making for some very cold fishing conditions inshore.

Offshore reports have been rare and I have only heard of one group getting out to the reef that did any good. Trout and good sized red-throat were plentiful and it’s no wonder with the constant 20+ knot winds keeping fishers at bay. Good ol’ Mother Nature protects our reef, that’s for sure.

There has been some good Spaniards reported around the islands and even some big models coming from both ends of the channel. I don’t think many people know that it’s possible to nail some good Spaniards in the channel itself. We have caught about a dozen in recent years while jigging for barra.

We have still been catching some big barra while fishing the deeper waters and soft vibes are the best lures to use on them. Most of our big barra have come from 12m of water, which is very deep for them even in winter. Hopefully with the weather warming, we will see the barra go back to normal habits.

We have had some great fun around Gould Island of late, with many big golden and diamond trevally as well as some big queenies falling to soft plastics and metal vibes. It’s sometimes good to have a break from the barra fishing and head over to these areas at the bottom of the tide to trade a few blows with some snodgers. Winter has always been the best time to chase big golden trevally inshore, especially on the lead up to the moons. The deeper trenches, around the back of Gould Island, are good places to start looking.

Also, keep our eye out for the odd school of northern blues and grey mackerel. They sometimes pop up anywhere along the northern side and sometimes it’s handy if you have a spin stick set up with a metal slice ready to go for when they do come up feeding.

September should see some improvement in the weather and the waters starting to warm up a little. This is usually the month for Spaniards, as they will start congregating around the reef in late September. Just remember the 3 per person bag limit that applies to this species.

This is also the pick of the months for light tackle bill fishing and the start of a few major tournaments. The weather will play a big factor as to how many boats can get out and chase a few marlin, but fingers crossed we will get that break we have been after all year.

The weather will also see many get out bottom bashing too. But I would imagine the reef fishing would be good as it’s a prime month out there for demersal species. Trout and lippers should go off on the dark making tides.

September will usually see the start of the bigger golden grunter arriving. They are a very popular fish with recreational anglers and the area is sometimes inundated with fishos targeting these popular table fish. When they are running well, it’s not uncommon to tangle with 30 or more fish in a session. Live green back herring and squid are 2 of the most popular baits used on a running rig. Sand and muddy drop-offs in the shallows are good places to start looking.

If you would like to book a charter up here for next year’s barra season, get in now as dates are fading for early next year. Contact us through the website at www.hookedonhinchinbrook.com

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