Trout and redfin continue to impress anglers
  |  First Published: August 2013

August is a great time of year for trout and redfin anglers in the Wimmera region with more settled and angler friendly weather conditions.

Trout are now settling back into their normal feeding routines after the spawning season and redfin are becoming aggressive in the lead up to theirs. Native fish such as yellowbelly are still a little slow at this time of year but often start to fire up a bit in the Wimmera River and at Taylors Lake once we start getting some warmer weather.

Lake Toolondo

This is still without doubt our most popular water at present with heaps of brown and rainbow trout to a bit over 2kg being caught. Along with the superb trout fishing, many redfin to 700g are also being taken. Most anglers have been doing well here by simply trolling minnow lures or Tassie Devils and most colours are working. The best Tassie Devils for me though have been pink, gold, yellow wing or the blue/white V&TFM pattern.

Former V&TFM writer Roger Dark and his mate Rich Bruce recently came up for a morning fish at Toolondo after hearing so many great reports. Immediately after both casting out their Tassie Devils to commence trolling they both had a double hook up on a brown and a rainbow within five seconds of fishing. That’s how good it has been out here but I’m sure Roger is a very good angler too! They ended up catching a lot of brown and rainbow trout to well over 2kg for a few hours fishing and let the majority of their catch go.

Bait fishing has also been very productive with mudeye under bubble floats or Powerbait on running sinker rigs doing very well, particularly on the odd day that the fish are a bit slow to take trolled lures which does happen when there is a lot of boat traffic. Bait and flyfishing from the shore is also working well on the north and west banks.

Lake Fyans

This lake has been overshadowed somewhat by the amazing fishing on offer at Toolondo but has been producing a few very nice trout and redfin. Good browns and rainbows around the 1-1.5kg mark and redfin up to a kilo have been regular catches here over the last few weeks. Trolling Tassie Devils and small hardbodied minnow lures has been working well right across the lake. Visiting angler Ray Caruana and his family recently had a good trip to Lake Fyans catching some very nice trout on trolled Tassie Devil lures.

Bait fishing has also been working very well with the ever reliable bug or ‘couta mudeye fished under bubble floats. The best mudeye fishing is in the weed and timber areas either from the shore or from boats, particularly along the wall.

Fly fishing with Woolly Buggers and Mrs Simpsons in the evenings and after dark is working well and often produces the bigger than average trout out of here.

Lake Wartook

There hasn’t been a lot of fishing pressure on this water lately with Toolondo being so popular but on my latest trip here I found the fishing here to be very good. My son Curtis and I simply anchored the boat in front of the wall in about 4m of water and fished unweighted baits of peeled yabby tail and half bardi grubs. We ended up catching a number of beautiful brown trout to 1.5kg and a lone big rainbow trout of 1.9kg which is the biggest rainbow I have ever caught at this lake. The fishing was a bit slow in the morning and evening for us, we caught all out trout pretty much from 10am till 3pm.

On the same weekend a few other anglers from The Horsham Angling club caught a few nice brown trout on mudeye fished under bubble floats but found the trolling very slow. Horsham angler Gary Anson was also fishing for trout with mudeye but hit the jackpot with a beautiful 1.5kg redfin taking his mudeye. It would be well worth a trip here fishing with small yabbies or minnow and trying to get amongst some of these large reddies as there has been a few about this year here.

Rocklands reservoir

The fishing has been a bit on and off here but a few nice redfin have been taken between the wall and Brodies areas on trolled lures and soft plastics. Most of these reddies have been around the 400-700g with the odd bigger fish amongst them. With a bit more warmer weather the redfin fishing should improve. The occasional trout has also been taken by anglers chasing redfin. Bait fishing with mudeye or minnow under bubble floats should work well on the trout at the wall this time of year. The fishing has been a bit quiet at the Hynes and Fergusons areas.

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