Cold weather and slow fishing go hand in hand
  |  First Published: August 2013

The cold weather has seen the overall numbers of fish caught quite low.

There are still some quality fish being caught by those most experienced anglers who are willing to brave the cold. It has been pleasing to receive some good rainfall over the past few weeks and at this stage the rainfall has seen water clarity reduce in some areas while it is still good at a few locations.


Water levels are currently stable and if we receive another couple of good rainfall events in the region we should start to see some good run off and water levels will start to rise. Water clarity is currently good but the numbers of anglers is low. Redfin are still making up the majority of anglers catch rates with the majority caught in over 10m.

It is currently difficult to locate schools of good size redfin with most caught small and in poor condition. Trolling deep diving hardbodied lures, casting soft plastics and jigging ice jigs are productive methods. Bait fishing with worms or small yabbies has been producing a few larger redfin. There have been a small number of golden perch caught with the majority of these taken by trolling deep diving hardbodied lures. We should hopefully see the numbers of golden perch increase in spring when water temperatures rise.


Water clarity can best be described as patchy in the Campaspe River: average in some sections, yet quite good in others. If we only receive minimal rainfall the water clarity will continue to improve, however another couple of significant rainfall events will see the water get dirty again. Numbers of fish being caught has been low, but the average size has been ok. Redfin are making up the majority of anglers catch rates with small numbers of Murray cod and golden perch.


Water levels are stable in Cairn Curran at the present time and clarity is currently good. Redfin are making up the majority of anglers catch rates with most smaller in size. A few anglers have been able to locate some larger redfin up to 1kg lately caught casting soft plastics and blades. Low numbers of trout are being but hopefully stocking over the last couple of seasons will see numbers increase. The trout stocking from two seasons ago should be of good size considering the amount of food available to them.

The banks around the lake are starting to green up nicely. After the next significant rainfall we should see water levels start to rise over the fresh ground and this should hopefully produce an increase in the feeding activity in the resident trout.


The Loddon River has been slow like most locations around the region. The most productive fishing has been in the upper sections. Water clarity is clearest from Bridgewater upstream. In this section there are small numbers of Murray cod and golden perch being caught with these caught in the deepest sections of the Loddon River trolling hardbodied lures.

Small numbers of golden perch are also being caught casting lipless crankbaits. How long the water clarity remains good depends on rainfall, if the region receives another couple of significant rainfall events water clarity will deteriorate. Water clarity is currently poor downstream from Bridgewater due to inflows from smaller creeks after the recent rainfall.

This 48cm golden perch was caught trolling a Custom Crafted Basshunter lure at Lake Eppalock.

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