Mid winter curve ball
  |  First Published: August 2013

From time to time nature throws a real curve ball and mid winter was certainly no exception.

In this two week period we had some of the coldest overnight low temperatures we have had for years ranging from -3.5C-0C and we haven't seen these conditions since the peak of the last drought. Lets hope were not in for another full blown dry spell.

These cold nights caused the water temperature to drop from 14C to around 10C in the space of a week and a bit. These recent conditions along with the gigantic full moon really slowed down the fishing to the toughest I've seen it in the last 6-8 years: it was virtually dead, so if you were up here fishing hard for almost zero success don’t be hard on yourself.

It only seems like yesterday we were having floods and wet springs and the fishing was fabulous; hopefully with the fish shut down for that period when they adapt to the water temperature it could make for an interesting August.

If we have continued freezing conditions through this month it could be tough, but if we get a few mild nights in a row the fishing could improve markedly. I would be definitely looking for the pockets of warmer water and that's where the fish will be and more than likely in numbers. Once you find one, pepper that area and you should see the benefits. Don't be scared to throw soft plastics into the mix or even the old Celta because both trout and redfin love these types of lures.

Trolling Tassie Devils such as White Clown and Rainbow on a flat line around the Big River , Delatite and Howqua areas has been great, with with reports of browns to 1.2kg and the occasional rainbow of similar size.

Hopefully we will see cod become more active once they adjust to the lower water temperatures throughout August. On a recent trip we picked up a 50cm cod on a multi-coloured spinnerbait but pickings have been slim on the natives with no reports of yellas at all. Redfin are still about in good numbers but the schools seem to be moving very quickly still so once again if you find them keep them active so they won't move on.


The Pondage has been fishing well lately with the usual release of fish before the school holidays adding to the consistent water levels makes for great fishing for all types. Bait anglers have been donging them on Powerbait and worms, while Tassie Devils, Wonder Wobblers and Crocodiles have been accounting for good numbers of fish. On the hardbodied lure side of things the Rapala CD-7 has been smashing them in the spotted dog pattern, along with some of the new 59mm Cranka Minnows.

Don't forget the Adam Pearson memorial classic on August 17-18: see you all there.

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