Lakes firing for redfin and trout
  |  First Published: August 2013

The weather has been cold and fishing options have been limited due to law enforcements, but there is still some great fishing to be had in the lakes for trout and redfin.

Trout lakes

With the trout season for the creeks and rivers still closed this month, anglers wanting a trout fix will have to fish the trout lakes. Eucumbene, Tantangra, Jounama and Talbingo dams are all producing good numbers of fish from the bank and from boats.

The ever-reliable artificial trout egg imitations, like Powerbait, are working a treat at the moment as are locally found worms and wood grubs. All of these baits are best fished on light rigs with no more then 6lb line; they should also be used on a light running sinker rig for optimal results.

Lure anglers are slaying them at the moment, with winged lures catching plenty on the troll, however anglers willing to cast are getting amongst the biggest numbers of fish. Blades, rattling lures, silent and rubber lipless crankbaits, small sinking hardbodied lures, spinners and soft plastics are all accounting for fish. The best times to fish them are early and late in the day or after dark with minor peak times when the wind is blowing hard. Fishing can be hard work in strong wind but with sensational trout fishing on offer, it is certainly worth putting the hard work in!


Redfin are another species well and truly worth targeting this month. The fish will either have just finished spawning or will be about to spawn depending on the winter weather that we receive. Either way this is a good thing.

If the redfin haven’t spawned, they will be very aggressive, which will help to trigger strikes and if they have spawned already, they will be very hungry and keen to hit anything that comes within striking range. If they haven’t spawned yet then you can’t beat lures like ice jigs, blades and soft plastics jigged in their faces.

If they have spawned and are hungry, then the bait fishos will be able to get amongst them and in good numbers too.

The best bait fishing technique for redfin is the double paternoster rig. Simply attach two hooks one about 1-2m up your line and the other around 50cm to 1m from the bottom, and then attach a sinker to the end of your line. Thread a small yabby, prawn tail or garden worm onto the hooks then drop this rig to the bottom, wind up the slack line then bob it up and down with small and gentle lifts of the rod tip. Keeping the bait moving by lifting it up and down will entice fish in from further away and will keep them interested for longer. Start with two different baits until you see what the fish are eating the most, then load both of the hooks with their preferred bait for the day.

Having the two hooks has many advantages, for example, if one bait is taken by pesky little fish or it becomes weeded up or fouled up in some way then there is another baited hook still there to catch fish. Another advantage is that you can test two baits at once to see what the fish want on that day. But the best thing of all is that once you’re onto a good patch of fish, you will be bringing them in two at a time, which is always fun and exciting no matter who you are.

Last Murray cod chance

Midnight on Saturday 31 August spells the end to the official Murray cod season. This means that they can not be targeted during spring and, if you want to catch one, you will have to fish hard this month to get your last fix. The Murray cod fishing can be a bit slow this month but the fish encountered at this time of the year are generally of a much bigger size than the rest of the year, so it’s certainly worth braving the conditions and the long gaps between hits.

The Murrumbidgee River from Narrandera to Canberra has fished well for natives all season with good numbers of Murray cod, trout cod and golden perch around. Although numbers have dropped off, mostly due to the river being dirty from regular rain, there is still plenty of fish willing to play at the moment. Anglers willing to put the hard yards in could be rewarded with a trophy-sized cod.

If the water is dirty, try repeated casts to snaggy areas with large dark coloured double Colorado-bladed spinnerbaits or with a big juicy wood grub laced with some type of scent to help attract the fish to your bait. There is a whole host of scents on the market these days and they all work better then having nothing when fishing really dirty water.

One surprising yet reliable and proven dirty water scent is good old CRC. Yep, that’s right, the stuff you use in the shed or on the car. Anglers out West have been using this for decades and it still works, so if you haven’t got anything else on hand, give it a shot!

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