The bigger fish move back
  |  First Published: December 2008

The Latrobe catchment fished very well this month, finally producing the size of trout we should have seen two months ago. Perhaps this was due to the good water level that was maintained. Tyers and Tanjil rivers, along with Blue Rock Reservoir, have been the standout locations to catch a good trout.

Clive Rendell caught a massive brown trout measuring 66cm and weighing just under 3kg. He caught it on a Berkley 3” Minnow in the ginger beer colour. Clive also managed a 45cm brown and a 38cm rainbow trout on the same day.

At this time of year the fish tend to get very aggressive and feed up big to put condition back on after spawning. The big fish Clive caught was a female fish that was on her way back from spawning

Zac Rendell also caught his first trout on soft plastics, a healthy 34cm brownie.

Blue Rock has still been producing some nice trout to 43cm. Trolled Tassie Devils are working very well as are Crown Seals lures.

The Strzelecki streams have been tough to fish over the past month due to low water levels. The Morwell River has been fishing the best and the odd better-sized brown trout of 40cm has been landed despite the low water. Small Celtas and Rapalas have been working very well.

Last month, the annual Lake Hyland fishing competition was held. Over 150 competitors turned up for the event and it was a complete success. Some thumping big rainbow trout were landed. The winning trout was caught by 11-year-old Taylah Van Tilburg and was a rainbow trout weighing a whopping 2.87kg. PowerBait was the best bait on the day, producing most of the fish, yet worms and corn accounted for a few fish as well.

The kids had a great day as every competitor left with a prize of some description. The lucky door prizes, especially, were a big hit with the little ones.

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