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  |  First Published: August 2013

With winter in full swing, it’s been all guns blazing in many corners of the northern bay. Many anglers have taken advantage of the land born westerly winds to get amongst the fish in many of our northern fruitful estuaries.

This has kept many households very happy, as they not only have been bringing home goodies and the fisherman of the house have been getting their fixes.


Squire have still been appearing in reasonable numbers with catches being concentrated to certain areas of the bay. North Reef at Scarborough, the mouth of the Brisbane River and Woody Point have been the last of the hotspots still producing fish with anglers showing preference to the morning bite before the wind shifts and increasing in the later hours. Big plastics have been the call of the month for squire with anglers encountering big by-catch in the form of bream and flathead in the process. Honorable mention goes to ZMan 4” Streakz, 3” Atomic Plazo Jerk Minnows, 3” Atomic Prongs and the new Shads Lures 4” Flicktails. Lighted weights and brighter colours have also worked well especially on the calmer mornings before sunrise. For the bait users, squid and pilchard halves have worked very well with many trying fresh baits when available.

Winter whiting

Winter whiting have also been in good numbers in the bay and in the Pumicestone Passage with anglers being rewarded for their patience as schools have been on and off. Drifts along Deception Bay, the Cockle Banks off Bribie, the tripod marker at Scarborough and the run offs up at Donnybrook have shown the most consistency of late with bloodworms, live yabbies and squid strips working the most effective. Anglers have found mixed times of the tides to nab these delectable table treats with many reports saying to avoid the bottom of the tide. Applying red plastic tubing and beads on your line has been a good point of difference in dirtier waters lately, especially in our estuaries where water clarity hasn’t been at its best. For the soft plastic enthusiasts, the new Ecogear Isome are worth a try when chasing whiting as from recent reports, deeper biting whiting have been fans of these.


Squid numbers have been on the increase as stable cool waters have provided them with a great platform to venture inshore for their breeding cycle. With good numbers coming out of the southern bay early in the winter, the northern bay has really come up to speed this month and should be set to continue over the next few weeks. Redcliffe Peninsula has been the pick of the spots with anglers targeting shallow waters, especially on the bottom of the tide with the pick of the spots being Woody Point Jetty, Redcliffe Jetty, Castlereagh Reef, Osbourne and Drury points and stretches along Queens Beach. Things to look for when chasing these cephalopods are good water clarity (as they have exceptional vision), rocky rubble bottom and the presence of weed clusters (as they like to use this as cover to ambush prey).


Good catches of bream have been recorded all through the northern bay with solid specimens keeping anglers wanting to come back for more. With their annual spawn drawing to a close, fisherman are enjoying solid fish as bream have been spending the last few weeks replenishing energy stores and have been eating the house down! Lure fanatics have reaped the most rewards last month, with chasing fish up in the shallows during the morning bite period proving to be a successful formula. These ravenous feeders have been smashing small hardbody lures like Ecogear CX 35s, Atomic Crank 38s, Jackall Chubbies, Cranka Cranks and Pontoon 21 Crack Jack 48s. Upgraded leaders up to 8lb have not even fussed these gluttonous eaters as their focus has only been on one thing…FOOD! Areas of good catches have been the reclaimed area at the mouth of the Brisbane River, Dohles Rocks, the Wells at Clontarf, Redcliffe Jetty, North Reef, Cooks Rocks, the mouth of Ningi Creek, Donnybrook Flats, upper reaches of Glasshouse Creek and the weed flats outside Golden Beach.


Flathead numbers have been increasing over the last weeks with this month set to end the winter period on a high. Larger females have enticed smaller males to follow them throughout our systems making it easy to snag a few especially on the making tides. Larger soft plastics, mullet strips and long shad style lures have bought good success with anglers targeting lizards at river mouths, run offs and rocky points where flathead are know to ambush prey. The upper reaches of the Pine River, Clontarf Foreshore, Mission Point and White Patch have been the pick of the spots but be sure to check your local estuary for run offs and creek entrances as they more than likely house a lurking flat or 2!

Happy Fishing

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