Late winter providing insane offshore action.
  |  First Published: August 2013

We haven't had the perfect weather through winter, but it has been a lot better than last year and we have managed quite a few trips.


The reef fishing has been very consistent with most offshore trips returning with full eskies.

We have had a great snapper run with big schools hanging around our eastern grounds. It has been a case of 'catching' more so than fishing, as the snapper are taking all sorts of baits on all types of rigs.

Pearl perch are also in good numbers and are a no-brainer to catch so long as you berley them up. Any of the Gulp soft plastics have been catching the quantity and quality.

Parrot, Moses perch and hussar are thick at the moment on the eastern grounds as well.

We haven't taken many trips to our northern reef fishing grounds due mostly to southerly winds. On the odd days we have ventured up there, we have been well rewarded with some cracker reds, scarlet perch and sweetlip.

I just love this time of the year.


Chopper tailor have been on the chew in the deep gutters around the Oaks at Inskip Point, mainly at night.

In the same gutters some nice dart are being caught during the day.

August was our best fishing month last year with many bag-outs on both pearl perch and snapper and going by our past 2 months, I think we are in for a blinder.

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