Williamsons Surf Beach
  |  First Published: July 2013

Williamson's surf beach is one of those places that most surf anglers love. It's easy to access, with only a short walk from the car park and plenty of gutters and deep banks to fish.

The main drawcard is the abundant schools of salmon that move in and patrol the shoreline every winter. Bait and lure fishers do really well regularly taking fish to over 2kg.


Winter-time, like most beaches along the coast is the prime time to target salmon in the surf. If you can get a tide change on dawn or dusk, then your chances to catch a couple of fish almost doubles. Fishing at night will also see some very good gummies caught, or even a bronze whaler if you are persistent.


A 12ft surf rod with a 6000 sized plus real with 20lb line is best suited when bait fishing. If you like the sporting aspect of things and lure fishing is more your go, then a light 9ft graphite surf rod with a 4000 sized reel spooled with 10-15lb braid is ideal. Using light gear is a lot more fun and salmon hitting lures in the surf is as good as it gets.


Bait anglers should use a paternoster rig with a 3-6oz star sinker on the bottom depending on weather and conditions. A blue and white or red and white surf popper up the top with a bait underneath is the norm and will see a lot of fish caught using this rig.


Bluebait, whitebait, squid and pipi are all very popular for the bait guys. Salted baits work really well in the surf as it toughens them up a bit and makes them stay on the hooks for a lot longer.

For lure casters the 35-60g metal slugs are deadly. The beauty about fishing metals is they cast like a bullet and it's a very fun form of fishing.


Walking the beach casting lures is one of the better methods as you cover more ground and water in search of fish, instead of fishing one spot and waiting and hoping the fish come to you. You can fish and area for nothing then 1km down the beach you can find the honey hole and it's on for young and old.

Whereas fishing one area and waiting, you may of never caught a fish because the fish never made it down the beach.


The key when surf fishing it to stay warm and dry. A good set of thermals and a lightweight waterproof jacket can be the difference in making it an enjoyable trip, or one you can't wait to get back home and jump in the shower.


The use of berley when bait fishing is essential. An onion bag filled with mashed up pilchards and berley pellets with some tuna oil is as good as any. Place your berley bag right on the edge where the wash from the waves meet the sand. This will gently pick up berley out of your bag and gradually work it out into the surf, bringing the fish to your feet.

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