Brown trout fishing is outstanding
  |  First Published: July 2013

Lake Eildon has been going off with the brown trout fishing being absolutely outstanding.

Solid 1-2kg brown trout have been landed on lures such as the Ecogear SX48 with anglers reporting that fish are breaking the surface in many areas of the lake.

I landed a beautiful 60cm and 2kg brown trout on a Cultiva CT 85 in clear Chartruese. Local angler Jake Steiger caught his very first Eildon brown that was 1.5kg also on the CT85. A local angler recently had an experience of a life time fishing with his son. The guys hooked up to a decent fish which they thought was a cod. Half way through the fight it started to play right up and as the fish came to the surface they were amazed to see a cod that was about 1.6m long and 50cm across the head. At that moment the fish rolled, opened its mouth and out swam a 60cm cod with their lure in its gob.

They landed the 60cm cod and couldn't believe what they had just witnessed.

The yellowbelly are still being caught on the odd occasion, with the humble worm doing the damage. Redfin are still going great guns around the trees with 35-40cm fish being taken. After lunch seems to be the best time with soft plastics Berkley T Tails in black and gold imitating the bait fish to a tee, and worms again of course.

It's a shame the rivers are shut because they fished superbly right up until closed season.


Once again is the time for the Pondage to start to fish at its best with consistent water levels. Trout will start to bite really hard, so if you are up this neck of the woods over winter you won't be disappointed

Tragedy on the lake

On the 1st of June the family and friends of Adam Pearson and local anglers gathered to lay a fish shaped flower wreath shaped in his honour.

Adam was tragically drowned while fishing Lake Eildon in late May.

Adam leaves behind two young children under six and his partner. This is a reminder to all of us how easily an accident can happen and the importance of having and using all your safety gear at all times.

In August will be a fishing competition: the Adam Pearson Memorial Classic. This will be held on Lake Eildon over August 17-18. This will be a big event and there are more details on facebook. Already there is a boat and motor package as  well as all sorts of fishing gear , accommodation and guided fishing trips donated and the list will be bigger as the date gets closer.

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