Derwent delivers for determined Timbrell
  |  First Published: July 2013

John Timbrell (10/10, 10.29kg) didn’t let lack of local experience get in his way, securing victory and his maiden ABT win at the Shimano Derwent River BREAM Qualifier held May 4-5.

Timbrell was the only boater to secure two consecutive 5 fish limits over 5kg and bettered his nearest competitor by 425g.

He had a tough prefish on Friday. Having never fished the Derwent River before he was looking to get some time on the water, but windy conditions made the exercise very frustrating and ultimately assisted little in determining his tournament plan.

“On day one I headed to Newtown Bay where I fished the open side of the bay. I was casting tight to the shore and working the lure out into around half a meter deep. The fish were on the sounder, but I was unable to get one to respond until about 12.20pm! What followed was a concentrated bite window that lasted about 30 minutes. In this time I filled my limit. The bite eventually died, but I made the decision to stay on the location for the remaining duration of the session,” said Timbrell.

On day two he headed straight to Newtown Bay. There were no other boats at the location when they arrived, so straight away the fish were active with his first legal coming within five minutes.

“By 8.30am I had my five fish limit. We stayed until around 10am before moving to fish the area between the Tasman Bridge and Cornelian Bay.

“We did a number of drifts and dropped a couple of fish. I had one upgrade with a fish off the bank. We stayed until 12.15pm then moved back to Newtown Bay. The bite unfortunately had died and no further upgrades followed for the session.”

His key lure was Jackall 61 Squirrel in a trout pattern, which he caught all his fish on. Unfortunately he lost his last lure on he final day!”

“The main thing I think made the difference for me was persistence. Also the area I fished had all the key elements; visible bait, lots of mussels and oysters and the water temperature was warmer than that of the main bay by about 2.5ºC.”

Carter continues good form

Warren Carter (10/10, 9.865kg) continued his great 2013 season with a runner up finish at the event. Carter stormed back into contention on the second day with his limit of 5.850kg rocketing him up the leader board from 19th position to 2nd place overall.

“On day one I headed to the Cadbury Factory where I fished tight to the banks. I had three fish early before I had to sort out a problem with my electric motor. Once back on track I travelled to below the Tasman Bridge where I fished the Hobart side. I secured two more legal’s, which filled my limit. I didn’t get any upgrades for the session.

“Come day two I headed back below the Tasman Bridge. I targeted the Bellerive area and Kangaroo Bay. I fished from the bank out to around 2-4ft deep. I had four fish before I moved back to the Cadbury Factory where I filled my limit. A final move back to my original spot yielded no further upgrades.”

The locations he fished were spots where he’d done well in previous tournaments. Bait was plentiful and the bream hooked were good quality.

“In all I don’t think I missed a bite or fish for the tournament so I was happy with my performance over the two days,” said Carter.

The lures he used on day one were Smiths 55mm Panish in colour 04. He later changed this to a Smiths DD 65mm Panish in colour 04. On day two he used a Smiths DD Panish in colour 21 all day.

Carters outfit consisted of a Shimano T-Curve flight series 701 1-4kg rod matched with a Shimano Stella 2500 reel spooled with Varivas Avani Eging 14.5lb braid and 4lb Varivas light game FC leader.

Stingel delivers for Derwent win

Grant Stingel (10/10, 11.380kg) dominated the non-boater category, bettering his nearest rival by 1.73kg. Stingel combined a great day one bag of 5.240kg with the largest bag of the tournament, 6.140kg, to take out the victory. Let’s take a look at how Stingel stung the Derwent River.

“Normally I would compete as a boater, but I got word a mainland competitor needed a boat so I lent him a boat and made the switch to a non-boater. We had a good prefish and I was able to work out a technique and pattern for the tournament”.

On day one he was paired with Wayne Friebe. They went to Otago Bay where they found the fish on the edges; using a Lucky Craft tango in pearl/char colour he targeted fish sitting in the slightly deeper water off the edges. He worked the lure slowly with lots of pauses and compiled four fish before they moved location.

“We fished bays including Newtown Bay and by 10am I had filled my limit. We continued and during the remainder of the session I found two upgrades giving me a good limit over 5kg”.

On day two he was teamed with Steve Morgan. After checking out different locations they made the move below the bridge. The water was cleaner than other parts of the system. They headed to Sandy Bay and almost straight away he had his first fish.

“I changed my lure to better represent the baitfish in the area by using a Daiwa double clutch 60mm. I then proceeded to fill my limit by 9.30am.

“We moved around the area, resting the spots that we caught fish. For water shallower than 1.5m deep I would switch back to the tango. Two upgrades followed for the remainder of the session. In the end I was throwing away 1.10kg fish such was the quality on offer.”

“My aim was to qualify for the Grand Final. A week earlier I had also qualified for the Hobie Kayak Grand Final. To go from just competing to two Grand Final qualifications in a space of days is overwhelming. I am excited about the prospect of contesting Grand Finals in both boats and kayaks.”

Stingel's outfit consisted of a Howler custom rods Nano series 6’6” teamed with Shimano twin power 1000 reel spooled with 2lb Berkley fire line in crystal colour and a 20 foot long leader of 4lb Sun line FC sniper FC.

“A big thanks to my sponsors including Howler Custom Rods. Also thanks to Shimano for the great giveaways and prizes on offer at the event and last but not least my two boaters for the event. They were both exceptional; it was like fishing with mates”.

Gladiator Big Bream

Alan Wilson landed the Gladiator Big Bream prize for the event with his 1.75kg session two effort. The bream fell to a Smiths Cherry Blood in colour ayu. The fish was caught at a shallow reef near the Bowen Bridge in 1ft of water.

Winning Tackle

7’ custom (Jan Makula) Hastings rod

Shimano Stella 1000 reel

3lb P-Line FC fished straight-through

Winning Ways

“Identifying all the key elements in an area and persisting even when the fishing gets slow.”

Boater Results

Place Angler Fish Weight Payout

1 John TIMBRELL 10/10 10.290 $2900 + Mercury Bonus ($250) + Shimano reel
2 Warren CARTER 10/10 9.865 $1800 + $500 Club Marine Bonus
3 Steve GILL 10/109.845 $1,300
4 Darrell WELLS 10/109.765 $900 + $250 Ford Bonus + Mercury Bonus ($150)
5 Cameron WHITTAM 10/109.745 $700 + $250 Yamaha Bonus
6 Andrew KRUSHKA 10/108.580 $500 + Mercury Bonus ($100)
7 Don JOHNSTON 9/108.500 $500
8 Steve STEER 10/108.470
9 Jason KERRISON 10/108.325
10 Tristan TAYLOR 10/108.295

Non-Boater Results

Place Angler FishWeightPayout

1 Grant STINGEL 10/1011.380 Shimano prize pack + Hobie Bonus ($50)
2 Dan STEAD 9/109.650 Rapala prize pack
3 Mark LAWSON 9/107.900 Ecogear prize pack
4 Richard SOMERTON 10/107.505 P21/Damiki prize pack
5 Joshua WILLIAMS 9/107.435 Strike Pro prize pack
6 Dave GEORGE 7/107.030 Shimano T-Curve rod and Squidgy prize pack
7 Rebecca FAZIO 9/106.925 Austackle prize pack + Hobie Bonus ($35)
8 Tanya KONSUL 8/106.775 Spotters sunglasses prize pack
9 Martyn EVANS 9/106.570 Tonic sunglasses prize pack
10 John PICTON 7/106.505 Shimano lure prize pack
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