Northern bay firing
  |  First Published: July 2013

So what’s been going on in your part of the world? Not much? Well you should come to the northern bay as it’s certainly been a great month on the fishing front.

With beautiful clear skies and westerly winds blowing (even on weekends) the northern region has been alive with great fishing throughout the estuaries and inshore waters. Early morning anglers have been rewarded for braving the cold conditions with the pick of the catches being reported in the dawn bite period. With water clarity showing decent regularity of late, bait numbers have become more apparent throughout all corners of the bay producing good numbers of bread and butter marauders to boot.


The peninsula has shown great form of late with squire again taking the crown of species of the month. Squire numbers have been really consistent over these last few weeks with North Reef, Woody Point and Garnet Rock being the hot spots of interest.

Soft plastics have accounted for majority of the good catches with patient bait anglers being rewarded with bigger fish for their troubles. Longer shad-style lures have also produced good fish with numbers good but size lacking. Soft plastics and lures have done most of their damage in the low light hours with bright and glow in the dark colours initiating good bite patterns.

Bream numbers have also been steady with their spawning cycle in full swing. Ravenous feeders are being picked up in the shallows after the full moon with many anglers picking up big specimens using raw chicken breast for bait. As the bream’s spawning habits tend to make them school up in deeper waters, ensure you try these deeper areas as the sun gets higher in the sky during your fishing session. Around the peninsula these include the outer bommies of Queens Beach, Osbourne Point, Drury Point and North Reef. Soft Plastic success has outweighed hardbodied lures with the pick of the plastics being the 2” Gulp Shrimp, 2.5” ZMan Grubz and 2 3/4” Atomic Plazo Jerk Minnows.

Flathead quantities have also risen as larger spawning females have hit the shallows of Redcliffe. Worth a try are the eastern side of Woody Point Jetty, Clontarf foreshore near the Pelican Point Boat Ramp and the inner reefs of Castlereagh Reef.

Squid have also made their presence felt with fishos targeting these delectable table treats up in the reefy shallows in the early morning and around Redcliffe and Woody Point jetties at night. To reduce snagging up your expensive squid lure, be sure to keep your rod tip up when fishing skinnier waters or limiting your sink rate when fishing off jetties or deeper waters.


The Pine has shown good consistency over the last month with the run of prawns in May/June leaving predators in the area looking to feed on anything. Mulloway are still being caught in the deeper parts throughout the river with anglers patiently sounding out areas of the river looking for bait schools. Larger shad and paddletail-style plastics have drawn most success with standouts being 4” ZMan SwimmerZ, Atomic Plazos 4” Prong and Fish Arrow 5” Flash J Shad. Other lure to try include Shads Lures Jew Candy 30, Jackall Transams and Jackall TN 50.

Flathead and bream have also been caught throughout the river with quite a few anglers choosing the rising tides to target river bends with these predators ambushing bait in these areas as the tide floods.

Many large spawning flathead are being accompanied by a few male acquaintances through the Pine with fishos commonly encountering groups of 3-6 at a time over the last month. Areas worth a try are the southern banks near the highway bridge, Deepwater Bend (top of tide only) and the mouth of the river under the Houghton Highway.


Bramble Bay has fished well lately with all signs pointing to a good second half of winter in this area. Winter whiting numbers have been above average around the Compass Adjustment Buoy with the mouth of Nudgee Beach producing a few sizable whiting at the top of the tide.

Locals have been landing good flathead at the mouth of Cabbage Tree Creek with baits like thin mullet strips, cooked prawns and pilchard halves doing the trick. Sand crabs have also kept anglers busy in the area as it continues to produce especially in the early mornings. Be sure to mark your pots accordingly as sheer pot numbers have left a lot of anglers confused when returning to collect.


Anglers have been rewarded in these cooler months after braving the cool mornings with flathead being the talk of the area.

The lower reaches of Glasshouse Creek, Lime Pocket, Tiger Rocks, Mouth of Ningi Creek and Donnybrook weed flats have been the successful areas particularly on the ebbing tides with anglers using fresh baits while anchored up in these areas.

Whiting numbers have also been good through this winter with bloodworms doing the job. Cockle Banks, Mission Point and Donnybrook have produced well with local anglers using fresh yabbies’ to good effect.

Whatever your fishing bent, the northern bay will be a great option in July.

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