Go deep for bream, flatties
  |  First Published: June 2013

Now that Winter is here we will have to rug up and target those species that are more abundant or more willing to hit lures or take baits.

Things might be harder than in Summer or Autumn but with some effort, you can still catch fish.

Some good bream have been caught in the local lakes recently and they should continue to be active this month.

Try fishing deeper and wider out from the bank than previously because this is where some of the bigger bream prefer to be as the water gets colder.

Slow down your lure retrieve and keep them close to the bottom.

Keep an eye on your sounder for any warmer water or deep bottom structure like cockle beds or humps.

Good flathead can still be around and, like the bream, they can also be found in deeper water.

Keep lures slowly bouncing over the bottom. The 5” Gulp Jerkshad is a good plastic to try and sometimes a big bream will also take these while you are hopping them along for flathead.


As I said last month, blackfish are a major Winter species here.

The key is to find some good quality weed for bait and then find where the fish are.

The usual spots like The Entrance, Lucys Wall and Woy Woy Channel should always have a few blackfish right through Winter.

Luderick will also take your small lures while fishing for bream, which can add to the fun.

Get ready for some tough days on the water because sometimes you can fish for hours without getting a bite. Then on other days you will find the fish much more willing and those slow times become a memory.

So don’t let the bad days put you off. You may just catch that really big bream or flathead you have been dreaming of.


At the beach this month you will probably be better off wearing waders. This is especially the case if you are going to fish early in the morning.

But sometimes it will all be worth it, thanks to tailor and salmon. They may not always be in the gutters but when they are in good numbers, you can have a real ball catching them with pilchards or metal lures.

Jewfish and bream are other targets to think about and can both turn up in the colder times.

Play it safe while rock fishing this month and rewards are to be had.

Salmon will probably take plenty of baits but the hard fighting black drummer is a good Winter fish to warm you up and blackfish also reliable targets. Big bream can also be caught off the rocks in Winter.

Casting lures early in the morning may result in tailor and salmon. All the known rock fishing spots from Box Head to Snapper Point or Catherine Hill Bay could turn on some great fishing for any of these species.

Offshore fishing for snapper should only get better from now on.

Trevally and morwong are also caught while snapper fishing, so you can score a mixed bag of reef fish for the table.

Leatherjackets may move in to bite off rigs, but they can be another tasty addition to the table if the snapper and other fish aren’t biting so well.

Bonito, mack tuna and kingfish could still be around and some of them may be wider out for those who are jigging.

Yellowfin tuna may also show up out towards the continental shelf this month.

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