Australian salmon and snotty trevally the mainstay
  |  First Published: June 2013

For some, cabin fever has settled in and sitting inside tying flies and/or preparing yourself for the next trout season is the main angling activity.

While I usually spend June looking around the east coast for bream, rugging up for a trout session at the lakes or playing with trevally in St Helens it is still very much worth a look locally.

I feel like I repeat myself every month when I talk about Australian salmon. They are an awesome sport fish, chew okay (if prepared properly), and can be caught all year round! I have contemplated whether or not to write about something different this month but I’m not going to, because this is Aussie salmon prime time and it’s the best place in the state to catch them.

As the cool water settles in and temperatures drop, funnily enough nutrient levels rise and so does the number of krill. Krill are a primary food source for salmon and also attracts smaller baitfish which ignite the classic feeding frenzies you all dream about.

The best places to target salmon this time of year are by far the coastal waters surrounding river mouths on an outgoing tide. This concentrates the nutrients from inland and starts the food chain. My favourites are the Emu River mouth, Inglis, Cam, Leven and Blythe. I recommend using 3-4” baitfish profiled soft plastics (if they are feeding on krill use transparent colours like Casper Clear in the Powerbait range) cast around the river mouth. Trolling metal lures or small bibbed diving lures along the beaches surrounding the river mouths will also produce good salmon.

Another interesting target that makes an appearance this time of year are snotty trevally (otherwise known as blue warehou). These awesome little fighters really pack a punch! They are also known for acceptable table qualities and can be caught in large quantities.

The most successful rig is an unweighted (or lightly weighted) two hook rig baited with chicken breast that is allowed to sink slowly beyond visibility. You usually hear about the mass numbers around the wharf in Stanley which attracts anglers from all over the coast. If you are fishing land-based then I recommend trying your luck here when the word gets out (and it most certainly will).

If you have a boat and don’t like fishing in crowds then the Burnie breakwater is definitely worth a hit! Snotties are renowned to swim up and down the wall during this time of year so anchoring anywhere along the wall will give you a good chance. They respond very well to berley and believe it or not the best berley is grated potato! One last thing – if you’ve caught your limit or want to release them then try to minimise handling as their thick mucus is easily dislodged.

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