Cooler months are perfect for chasing trout
  |  First Published: June 2013

Now is the time of year when the native fish over this way slow right down but the trout fishing is often at its best.

We are lucky to have a number of quality trout waters in the Wimmera and they have all been fishing well this season. Good catches of redfin are often made at this time of year as well with most of the larger than average reddies caught during the winter months over this way.

Lake Fyans

The trout have been going well here over the last few weeks with good browns to 2kg and rainbows around 1kg being taken. Baitfishing with mudeyes under bubble floats has been working well, especially around the wall area early in the morning or in the evenings. Trolling with Tassie Devils and small minnow lures has also been good on the trout and a number of redfin are being caught here as well but most have been small.

Flyfishing along the wall and south shoreline has been good with trout coming in very close in the evenings and after dark Good flies have been Woolly Buggers, Craigs Night-time and Mrs Simpson.

Lake Wartook

After a bit of a slow start to the season, the fishing has been steadily getting better as we head into winter. Good brown trout around 1-1.5kg are being caught along with the occasional rainbow trout. Some good catches of redfin to 1kg are also being caught at present although there has been plenty of small reddies about. Trolling lures has been working well; most anglers put out a Tassie Devil for the trout and diving lures such as Stumpjumpers or Rapalas for the redfin.

Bait fishing has been working well for trout from the wall and boats with scrub worms, prawn tail and mudeye doing the trick. The redfin are taking worms, small yabbies and minnow. I haven’t heard of any flyfishing reports from here lately but Wartook can turn on some great flyfishing at this time of year, particularly if we get some decent rain and the lake starts rising a bit over new ground.

Lake Toolondo

This popular lake is still the pick of all our waters at the moment with some great catches of brown and rainbow trout to 2kg being taken, along with many small to medium size redfin up to 600g. Most of the trout are averaging around 1-1.5kg. Trolling lures has been most popular here with Tassie Devils, Ballista Triggers, Rapala Minnows and Stumpjumpers all working well. Most colours are working but the standout colour for me on my latest trip was anything in hot pink.

Joe Micallef of Belmont recently had a great weekend at Toolondo catching a number of very nice trout including a personal best for him which was a brown trout of 1.95kg. Joe caught all his fish trolling pink Tassie Devil lures and he also caught a few redfin as well.

Bait anglers have also been doing well either from the shore or from boats with Powerbait on a running sinker or mudeye under a bubble float working well in the many timbered areas.

Flyfishing has been excellent with the west and north bank fishing well particularly in the evenings and after dark. The standout fly for me has been the ever faithful black Emu Bugger. Other flies that are working have been the Hamils Killer and Mrs Simpson. I have found that a dead slow retrieve has been working best.

Rocklands reservoir

The wall area to Brodies has been fishing well for redfin with some of them being of a very good size to 1.3kg. Trolling lures such as Stumpjumpers, Rapala Shad Raps or Balista Dynos has been working well in the deep water and the occasional brown trout around 1kg has been taken as well. Bait fishing in the trees with small yabbies and gudgeon has also been working well on the reddies but big carp have been a nuisance while bait fishing.

I fished the Glendinning area recently with my son Curtis but found the fishing a bit slow although there was no shortage of carp and small redfin. We tried yabbying as well but the yabbies were very slow. We managed to catch a few good size redfin around 400g, along with a nice little brown trout not far from the boat launching area. These were caught on trolled Rapala minnows.

The Hynes area is now very low but small boats can still be launched. A number of very large carp are being caught here along with the occasional good redfin to 800g but they have taken a bit of finding here. Bait fishing with small yabbies or gudgeon has been working best here.

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