Cracking start to the winter
  |  First Published: June 2013

If the fishing continues to improve as it did in May this could be a cracking lead into winter.

Trout have been very consistent in the lake with the Howqua, Goulburn and Big river arms all producing good numbers of very healthy trout. As normal the early bite has been the key. On a recent trip Paul Thermos from the Greenvale Sports and Game Fishing Club had a quality early session landing eight good fish in the Big River arm. Paul's best was an great 1.5kg brown caught using a white Tassie Devil, the other seven he landed including three rainbows were around 1.2kg.

The water temperature is down to around 17C in early May so the trout will only get better from now. I think we will see some stonkers caught this season with all of the fish gaining amazing condition over the past 2-3 years when the lake filled. it might be an idea to up your line class a tad just in case you hook that fish of a lifetime.

The odd yellowbelly is still being caught around the lake such as the great 49cm specimen young angler Dylan Konig caught on a worm in 12m of water around some trees in the Delatite Arm.

There has been a few cod about, but not in big numbers, just enough to keep us interested and continue to plug away in search of that big one.

I've been looking for the snags out of the water a lot lately looking for where the cod are going to head once the water rises with expected winter rain.

Redfin haven't been as easy to find lately but when you find them they are great fish. Some of the redfin lately have been 50cm, which is a thumping redfin. The most important thing with these bigger fish in schools is that they move from tree to tree a lot quicker than the smaller ones, so once you find them keep a bait down at all times to keep the fish active in that spot or they will move on.

Rivers and Pondage

This period before the rivers closes promises to be very special. A lot of fish have been caught in all the rivers lately. Don and Jamie from Gone Fishin’ towelled up about 20 trout in the Acheron recently on shallow running hardbodied lures.

The Goulbourn is performing well with numerous reports of fish on a very consistent basis. This is the place to be at the moment.

Now the water is not going up and down as much, the Pondage will start to come into its own again so load up with Powerbait , Black and Gold T-tails and Tassie Devils and go and have a crack you won't be disappointed.

Also travelling upstream in the Goulburn north of Lake Nagambie, Mark Ainsworth had a trip recently casting for cod and yellas. He had a tough time but managed a 66cm cod on a single blade Bassman spinnerbait.

Mark had been hit on a snag earlier that day on his way home he cast the same snag again and on the second cast he struck pay dirt.

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