Cray season rolls in and a few big cod
  |  First Published: June 2013

It’s cray season yet again, and as another season rolls in I continually see locals head hours upon hours away to chase a cray.

If recent seasons are an indication most that leave the area will be disappointed once they hear about what our rivers are doing.

The Broken River has some cracker land-based cray spots and the Goulburn is starting to produce good sized males amongst some monster females.

In years gone Murchison to Toolamba have been the honey holes but I think we may see larger catches around the Rafterys road area. I tend to lean towards spreading my nets in different depths and water conditions. Once you crack a pattern really concentrate on the area or depth.

With the water temperature dropping each day the small cod and yella’s will be hard to find but it is time where a lot of big cod anglers gear up for monsters. In the past I have always spoken about really hammering a snag with 40-50 cast. But I’m now starting to lean towards the method of 10-15 cast per tree then move to the next tree and cover more water during the fishing session. Both are great ways of landing big fish and it is just personal preference at the end of the day.

The channels systems are still producing good-sized redfin and the odd cod is still being landed, if the water has dropped you may need to travel along to find the larger sections of water but these areas do hold good-sized fish. I have been playing around with a few different types of fishing styles and I have found using a soft plastic with a Bassman Beetle Spin on top. It just gives the lure a great action in the water. The Beetle Spins are a lot smaller than a Spinnerbait and the redfin seem to enjoy smashing them on a regular basis

2013 Cod Nationals

I recently fished my first cod nationals at Lake Mulwala with Team Pirate Spinnerbaits with Kaye Goggin. I went through the week without a cod but got some cracking yellas along the way. My advice to anyone thinking about entering in 2014 is do so, the entry fee is well worth it and it will be on my to do list every year from now on.

Local couple Judy and Warren Hicks from Mooroopna did happen to have some success at the nationals with the pair fishing as Team Eat ‘em Alive finished 7th overall for the second year running and also winning day five of the competition.

I may have not landed a cod in the nationals but two days after the comp fishing the River Rats Club day at Mulwala I managed to land a personal best 92cm cod, if only it was a few days earlier!

The author with his 92cm cod Lake Mulwala two days after the Cod Nationals.

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