Sonter storms home to Marlo win
  |  First Published: June 2013

On a weekend that saw records tumble Ronnie Sonter topped the field at the Daiwa Hobie Worlds Qualifier at Marlo Victoria with 6/6 fish for 7.71kg. Equally as impressive was second place Rick Massie who had an outstanding day one (3/3 for 4.68kg) on his way to a 6/6 limit for 7.02kg.

With ideal conditions for the weekend Ronnie Sonter headed to the flats in the entrance to Lake Corringle on both day one and two. With a run-out tide early in both sessions Sonter targeted the active fish cruising on the flats.

Sonters presentation to these fish on day one was Jackall Cult Minnow painted by Custom Lure Art in a ghost gold colour. Sonter would make long cast across the weedy flat before starting a draw, twitch and pause retrieve back to the kayak. With good numbers of fish moving through the location Sonter spent much of the session slowly upgrading his bag.

Day two saw Sonter return to his day one honey-hole, with the fish in a slightly less active mood to take the Jackall Cult Minnow Sonter opted for a rolling twitch retrieve to trigger a more reactive strike. Toward the end of the session Sonter made a critical choice to change to a smaller profile Austackle Panikku.

“Changing to the Panaku allowed me to target those fish sitting a little deep and wanted something a little smaller,” said Sonter.

“I cant believe that I have now qualified for both the Hobie worlds and Daiwa Hobie Grand Final, I cant wait to get back here in November and see if I can get onto more of these fantasic Marlo Black Bream,” said Sonter.

Massie hops to second place

Strike Pro angler Rick Massie showed he will be an angler to watch when the Daiwa Hobie Kayak BREAM Series returns to Marlo in early November. Compiling an impressive 6/6 for 7.02kg.

Day one was one of those perfect days for Massie, who managed a record 3/3 for 4.68kg. Massie’s bag came from a small mussel bed near the entrance to Lake Corringle. Massie cast his Strike Pro Hummer in JU015 up current before allowing the lure to sink to the bottom before imparting a short and subtle lift off the bottom.

“The key was to move slowly to get the lure to just start to vibrate,” said Massie.

His tackle of choice for this work was a Strike Pro Nano Edge rod matched with a Tica Scrambler reel spooled with 6lb Strike Pro Armour braid and 6lb Strike Pro SFC fluorocarbon. The experienced angler was able to capitalise on this defined location and had his bag within the first three casts and up graded in the next four. With three cracking fish in the bag Massie moved into pre fish mode in the hope of both finding a back up location for day two and to not burn his spot out.

Day two was a total contrast for Massie, heading out with confidence that his day one would hold fish Massie didn’t have the start he wanted with no fish holding in the area, he had to change tact and rely on his day one pre fish. Massie headed towards the mouth of the river in search of fish schooling on the deep flats. Massie’s lure of choice for this work was a Strike Pro Cyber Vibe in 780E. Casting up current, Massie would allow the lure to sink to the bottom before imparting a short erratic hop before allowing the lure to sink back to the bottom. With time running out Massie began to stress as he had a limit but it was only a smaller school fish limit.

“I knew there where better fish in the area but I just couldn’t hook one,” said Massie.

Hogs Breath Boss hog

Massie also took out the out the Hog’s Breath Boss Hog big bream with a 1.83 kg Marlo monster caught early on day one. “It was great to get a fish that lives up to the big bream reputation of Marlo, I really think we are still yet to see the full potential of this great system” said Massie.

Winning Tackle

Rod – Austackle Feather Light K series

Reel – Daiwa Freams 2000

Line – Austackle braid

Leader – 6lb Fluorocarbon

Lure – Jackal Cult Minnow and Austackle Panikku

Winning Ways

Ronnie held his position knowing the fish would come to his area as the tide fell. He imitated the baitfish the bream were feeding on with an Austackle Panniku 50mm and a Custom Lure Art minnow and changed the retrieve when the fish were not committing.

Place Angler TF TW Cash Payout
1 Ronnie SONTER 6/67.71 $1000Prize pack $300 + Ford Bonus $250
2 Rick MASSIE 6/67.01 $600Prize pack $250 + Boss Hog $100
3 Jordan TRUSTY 6/66.22 $450Prize pack $225
4 Jason MEECH 6/65.96 $400Prize pack $200
5 Chad AUMANN 6/65.88 $350Prize pack $175
6 Scott BROWNLEES 6/65.84 $250Prize pack $150
7 Darryl HEAD 6/65.68 $225Prize pack $150
8 Dave HEDGE 6/65.62 $200
9 Scott BAKER 6/65.53 $200
10 Gary BEAZLEY 6/65.51 $175
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