Cracker of a month
  |  First Published: June 2013

June is the month that will switch the fish on; snapper, mulloway, flathead, tailor and bream are in respectable numbers.

There have been some great bream getting around throughout the Passage. If you can’t catch bream this month you can’t catch bream full stop.

The Blue Hole at Caloundra has been a hot spot for a while now and continues to yield great results. Elimbah Creek and Glasshouse Mountain Creek have been the go-to creeks for a lot of anglers in the area. At the mouth of Elimbah Creek, the fish have come from around the first few beacons entering the creek. At Glassy, you will need to enter further into the creek. The small feeder creeks seem to be holding the fish along with the deeper section of the creek from the third sharp bend onwards.

The whiting have been thick from the southern end of Bribie Island (Red Beach) all the way through to Bells Creek Caloundra. You just need to work the higher sections of the tides high up on the banks into the shallows and keep moving around until you strike it rich. The majority of the fish have been small, but in saying that there have been some good slappers amongst them up around the 40cm mark. You get onto a few of these guys and you got yourself one of the best feeds the Passage has to offer.

The winter whiting will be a good target this month. As in past years the cockle banks will be where the action is, so get a nice day and grab the kids they love it. The cockle bank will yield flathead, flounder and shovel nose sharks, as well so it can be a lot of fun for everyone.

The snapper are hitting baits and plastics throughout the southern end of the Passage from Donnybrook south out into the bay. Not in any big numbers or size, but they are still worth the hunt; mulloway have been landed in the same section of the Passage. The Ripples, along with the Bribie Bridge, are your hot sports.

When targeting fish around the bridge stay around pylon numbers 6, 7 or 8 as the currents on these pylons are a lot more fishable. I only fish middle pylon around the turn of the tide approximately 45 minutes either side of the turn. Plastics are great in this area as you can cover a lot more area with plastics than you can with bait.

The flathead have been turning on the action using bait (dead or alive), soft plastic or hardbodies. Hardbodies can be a very relaxing way of catching some fun. The hardest part of catching fish on hardbodies is finding fishy water where there is minimal floating weed that will foul your lure deeming your lure useless.

By trolling hardbodies you can cover a lot of country and find the results you desire. This can be a great way to get your kids into the action as well. Kids like to keep moving and when you are trolling you are always doing something.

These flathead have been around the 50-65cm mark; well worth the chase. Please remember the bag and size limits of 5 fish per person and 40-75cm size slot. It you do encounter a big fish over 75cm take good care of her and get her back in the water asap. The chances are she will be full of eggs, making her precious to our system.

Sand crabs have been, and still are, a great target with big numbers and great size coming from the southern end of the Passage. My good mate, just down the road, has been pulling out 20 good crabs a day, no sweat. Pick a gutter that holds 10-20ft of water, as this seems to be the depth they are holding in. Make sure you have the correct markings on your crabbing gear (name, address and phone number on both float and pot).

The chopper tailor are showing up in scattered hit and miss numbers. Hopefully, they will be going nuts by the end of the month and into July. These guys school up, migrate north and turn from choppers to green backs – bring it on!

Keep your eyes out for some serious surface action, and tight lines!

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