Plenty of fun and a feed
  |  First Published: June 2013

I like June. The temperature in and out of the water has cooled, the inner reefs are firing, and the action is in that close that you can nip out for one of those quick before-work snapper missions.

It’s great to get out before it gets light and be back at the by ramp at 7am with a few quality reds.

Or if you don't like mixing it up with the crowds, you can head out to the wide grounds and bottom-bash for some tasty deep-water treats.

At this time of year the current usually starts to slow up, allowing us to get at our favourite pieces of deep reef.

When heading wide, a nice short rod around 6' to 5'6" is best because you’re fishing and fighting straight up and down, so a shorter rod puts less strain on you and more on the fish.

An overhead reel like my time-honoured Shimano TLD25 spooled up with 50lb braid completes the outfit. Braid makes a world of difference when fishing at depths of 100m or more.

It’s thinner than mono so you don’t get as much drag from the current and because it doesn’t stretch, you have a better chance of feeling every bite.

As far as leader goes, I like to have a good range from 50lb up to 150lb.

Always use a multi-hook rig because it's a long way to wind up and rebait if you are just using a single hook. A hook around 5/0 is the absolute smallest I'd ever go. Generally I like to use a 9/0 on my deep gear.


It's not only the boat boys and girls having fun, the rocks and beaches should be fairly consistent for tailor.

Around dawn and from dusk into the night should produce a few nice greenbacks. Good quality fish have been caught in recent weeks and everyone is hoping the action will continue.

The bait fishos on the beach will be donning their waders and pulling on their beanies but they will do well on the tailor with their usual pillies and bonito strips.

On the headlands, lure-throwers will get their fair share by casting metals into the washes. But if you really want to chase a sizeable greenback, a popper seems to produce a better quality fish by far in these parts.


The river fishos will also be happy this month.

The mighty Clarence should start to produce those better quality bream in the lower reaches of the river.

If you like chasing the bream with bait you have some great choices to cast along the walls and over the deep reefs in the river.

It’s hard to go past one of the guts, whether it be chook gut or mullet gut. Keep it cool and it won’t stink and will go on the hook much better.

Mullet strips will also account for their share of fish.

If you're a lure fisho, all the same places will be worth hitting with soft plastics and blades.

This time of year we also see the blackfish turn up in the river and after good numbers were caught last year, we are hoping for a repeat season.

Unfortunately, after all the rain in recent months, the ‘black magic’ weed will be hard to come by.

Often this weed can mean the difference between having a good day catching plenty of fish or a frustrating day spent just watching other people catching plenty of fish.

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