Heavy Czech nymph
  |  First Published: May 2013

Heavy style Czech nymphs came about to fill a niche for a new style of fishing.

Just as loch style fishing proved to be a winner in the early days of competition flyfishing, Czech nymphing techniques and more recently French nymphing have also made in-roads into the arsenal of competition flyfishing. All are designed to give that winning edge in the frenetically paced international flyfishing competitions.

Now competition flyfishing is not for everybody, I find it takes away from the genteel pleasure of being at one with nature, alone on a stream or a lake. Not being fettered to sections of stream or lake shore, and definitely not having someone racing passed my left ear swooping on a fish with a net and then measuring it, only to then yell in my ear “Time’s up, half time change sides”

Having said that, some of the new flies and techniques that have evolved with competition flyfishing are proving to be deadly effective fish takers. For the most part Czech nymphs are quite heavily weighted to get them down deep in the water column, often fished in tandem with a smaller less heavily weighted nymph.

This particular nymph has a caddis look about it the way the weight is added to the hook makes it ride hook point up which is good if it is down deep on the stream bed. Secondly if fished in heavy riffles it looks like a caddis that has been dislodged by the current and getting bounced along the bottom.

As I do not have a lot of experience with either Czech nymphing or French nymphing I will not attempt to explain the intricacies of either of these highly effective methods.

However the nymphs themselves can be also fished conventionally either as part of a two-nymph rig under an indicator or if tied much lighter, fished under a dry fly.


THREAD:UTC black 70 denier
WEIGHT:Ribbed tungsten body small, or lead wire
BODY:Czech nymph dubbing, Olive, FL pink & black
BACK:Virtual nymph flexi body olive or 3mm olive scud back.
RIB:3lb mono, 1 strand pearl crystal flash.
Reads: 1382

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