May promises much as winter stalks
  |  First Published: May 2013

I can't believe it's May already where has the year gone?

It's pretty safe to say this spring and summer season was nowhere near as good as the past two years, but May could just be what we had hoped for, only a little later. Now that the irrigation has stopped and the lake will slowly start to rise will trigger the bigger cod off and start them to feed up hard. I have been waiting very patiently as I'm sure you all have.

The yellas may well disappear very soon also they were quite busy through out April with very good numbers of fish from 1.5-6kg. A lot of these fish had an unusual red tinge to their bellies and fins. Obviously they have just spawned and if you caught any of these they are fine to eat.

Most of the success on the yellas was with scrub worms at the base of trees. A lot of reddies were also caught while fishing this tried and true method with some up to 2kg. Local butcher Ges has been doing a great job lately with a whole bunch of yellas in his favourite spots using scrubbies.

Now the water temperature will drop quite quickly the trout should really start to come on strong. Trolling down deep to start with will produce fish and hopefully a few of the big rainbows will show their heads. They have virtually been unsighted in the last two seasons so don't be surprised if we see some absolute horses come out of the lake this season as well as some thumping browns.

Rivers and Pondage

Now that the releases into the Goulburn are down to a respectable level the run up to the closed season should see some of the best trout action for along while not to mention a hell of a lot a easier to find fishable areas. When it's pumping at 8,000ML a day those places are very scarce and hard to find.

The Rubicon is still getting severely flogged, so if you have to fish it catch and release is a must for the recovery of this great little stream.

The lower reaches of the Acheron are very dirty from all the water pushing up from the Goulburn over the past few months so best fishing will be up towards Taggerty and Buxton.

The Pondage will also start to fish well now with the levels becoming a lot more consistent. I'd be throwing 60-80mm suspending hardbodied lures and using long pauses. Don't forget to take some Powerbait with you, as you can’t go wrong with this stuff.

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