Long hot summer long gone, but fish go hard
  |  First Published: May 2013

No doubt the long hot summer has gone, but the fishing has been great.

There have been places where the whiting have been a bit on the quiet side but as far as Inverloch is concerned things seem to be going along very well.

At the time of this report there had been a break in the weather which brought with it cooler conditions but the fishing has remained positive.

Outside the entrance boaters have been happy with their efforts and out wide in the deeper water mako sharks have been caught in reasonable numbers. The most common method has been the balloon method. This is where a large bait such as a whole salmon suspended under a balloon at a certain depth and the wait is on. This can no doubt mean a fair while before an enquiry but if something happens there is white-hot action. Many anglers like to dangle a small bait over the side to break the monotony where at times there has been a two-fold result. The first being that there is every chance that a flathead, gurnard or squid will come along and if not destined for the table then the squid will double as a great presentation for other larger fish such as a mako.

Wonthaggi angler Jules Tiziani can often be found out on the water and knows the area inside and outside the inlet. On his last outing he decided to try his luck near flat rocks and bagged some very nice whiting that were around 50cm. Jules likes to use Bass yabbies and says that they are just about the best of the natural baits in this area.

Inside the entrance there has been very good fishing on a regular basis and right up to Mahers Landing where whiting have been to 38cm. The better fish have been closer to the entrance, which is not unusual, but they have been to 34cm well upstream and no one would complain about this.

Stevies Gutter has also been going along very well where land-based anglers and boaters are catching a variety of fish. Perch have taking a variety of presentations with Bass yabbies being very successful. There are also good numbers of salmon, smallish flathead and whiting being caught.

Local legend Mike Yates knows this area very well and on his last trip managed a very nice bag of perch and whiting that were caught on the run-out tide. Mike has an interesting bait presentation, which starts the day before going out fishing. He has a few spots where he can get hold of sand worms, which are like gold, precious and rare. He then goes out and pumps as many Bass yabbies as he estimates he needs for the day and keeps them in water where they will keep well.

With this preparation he is ready for the fish and having done his homework as far as the conditions are concerned he is ready for the fish. He invited me out with him recently and the presentation of Bass yabby and then sand worm was immediately successful with a very impressive 36cm perch. A very pleasing mixture of whiting followed this to 38cm, mullet and salmon. Of course we all know how important it is to plan the trip but many of us fail to do this and as a result the results may not reach full expectations.

The area around the A frame house continues to be productive where silvers, gummies and flathead are being caught in good numbers and the situation is much the same near the boat ramp.

For those who know the area up near the double islands there is an interesting variety of fish which include mullet, silvers, flathead and smallish barracouta. There are also perch in quite good numbers but local knowledge is essential. One trap in this area is that the further you go up the inlet the water becomes very shallow and boaters can become grounded in the shallow water especially as the tide runs out.

The Tarwin River runs into the top of the entrance where there have been mullet, silvers and perch being taken mainly on Bass yabbies, sand worms. Perch have been also caught on soft plastic lures. As far as boaters are concerned the fishing has been quite good above the bridge but if you are using the boat ramp near the hotel be careful as at high tide you will not be able to come back under the highway bridge due to the lack of clearance.

Not long before this report I decided to have a look at the area between the rock wall near the entrance to the highway bridge. The rock wall had a couple of land-based anglers trying their luck but had just a few mullet to show for their efforts. The situation was much the same further upstream but at the highway bridge there were a couple of kayakers trying their luck. They were just above the bridge and flicking out soft plastics around the snags close into shore. I had a talk to one who had a couple of very nice perch that would have been around the 32cm mark that had been caught on the run-out tide.

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