Stable autumn weather brings on good fishing
  |  First Published: May 2013

May in Melbourne is normally a great month to get out and fish the sweet water.

Trout fishing in the rivers can be red hot as the fish feed up and put on condition before looking to pair up for the spawn. There can still be some action on the Murray cod in the Yarra River, as the fish tend to feed actively as the water temperature starts to drop. The local family fishing lakes can also be good, as April school holiday stockings mean that the trout still in the lakes will try and fatten up over winter.

Karkarook Park

Karkarook Park Lake fishes well for trout during May, with most anglers catching trout while bait fishing from the lake shoreline. One of the most productive methods of catching trout at Karkarook is to use a ‘suspended bait’ rig. The rig consists of a small ball or barrel sinker running freely down the main line to a small black rolling swivel. The reason that black swivels are used is to blend in with the mud and silt on the lake floor. From the swivel, we use a 4-6lb fluorocarbon leader roughly 1-1.5m in length and then for the hook we use an Owner ST-11 fine gauge treble in size 14. This treble hook must be fine gauge, as it will let our small nugget of Powerbait float up above the mud and weed on the bottom to where the hungry trout can see it.


Devilbend Reservoir continues to fish well, and with winter approaching the lake should only get better. Prime trout bite times have still been early and late in the day; but with overcast conditions and cool winds the trout are still staying active in the surface layer of the lake. One of the most productive methods of catching some quality trout has been to walk the edges of the lake, casting hardbodied lures.

Try and fish the side of the lake that the wind is blowing towards, and also the areas where there is a distinct difference between rippled and calm water on the surface. Trout use these ‘lanes’ to get food pushed to them. The best lures for doing this sort of work are slow floating, slim profiled hardbodiedlures in the 50-80mm range. Ecogear MW’s, Smith Panish and Strike Pro Flatz Minnows all work a treat as they can be cast well into the wind, worked erratically and then slowly flicked back over any weed out from the edges.

Yarra River

The Yarra River has been fishing well for trout, in the area from Woori Yallock to above Warburton. The discoloured water in the lower regions here enables the use of flashy lures and also baits. Drifting scrubworms downstream can be an effective method to catch a trout and possibly redfin too.

If targeting redfin, look for any snag piles and deeper pools in this section of river, as the redfin tend to school up around these sorts of areas. Staff member Dylan has recently been catching both redfin and trout targeting snaggy pools below Warburton using a variety of mid-running hardbodied lures, with gold and red hues attracting attention from both species of fish in the stained water.

For up to date fishing information, contact the guys at Compleat Angler in Dandenong on 9794 9397 or drop in and see us at 241 – 243 Princes Hwy, Dandenong, we are open 7 days a week.

A beautifully marked pre-spawn upper Yarra brown trout.

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