Slow fishing but always worth a shot
  |  First Published: May 2013

This part of the world has been a bit slow, but as always you’ll never know if you never go.

I recently had a trip offshore from Flinders in about 60m of water in the hope of a mako shark. We drifted for about five hours and apart from the usual seals, albatross and mutton birds there were no makos but we did manage a good bag of flathead to 50cm. About a 50:50 ratio of sand and tiger frogs and we also picked up half a dozen arrow squid which we weren’t even trying for.

One squid decided that he liked a flathead that I was bringing up. He liked it so much that he wouldn’t let go when I lifted it into the boat. He had already eaten a 50c-size chunk out of the frog, and needless to say he will make good snapper bait.

Surf Beaches

The surf beaches have been a bit hit and miss of late, with salmon to 1kg being reported but not in any numbers. Hopefully with the cold weather set to return it should get the fish moving back in along the coast.

San Remo Area

Below the bridge and outside the entrance there’s still some good flathead and arrow squid to be had. The makos will departing for warmer water but there have been some good reports of salmon schools moving along the coast with fish up to 2.5kg. Cleelands Bight is producing a few pinkies and whiting on the last of the run-off tide.

Above the Bridge and The Corals are producing pinkies to 40cm and the odd whiting as well as a lot of undersize gummies. The whiting are not about in big numbers and you have to work hard to get a feed.

The bigger fish seem to be in the deeper water and there’s been some reasonable sized gummies coming in around Elizabeth Island and a few bigger specimens being caught off Ventnor.

Flinders Area

Like everywhere else it’s hard to find a fish, my last trip there I moved 10 times and caught three whiting. This season has probably been the worst whiting season for quite a few years and I think that it has to with the hot dry summer that we have just had.

A young angler waiting for a bite.

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