Light line sport for redfin on offer
  |  First Published: May 2013

It’s time to get the light rods out and chase some redfin.

May is the month where Waranga Basin and the Shepparton Lake fire up. For those who have not yet targeted redfin on light gear I suggest you do so in the coming months.

The Shepparton Lake holds good sized redfin with a lot of locals catching there personal bests out of there; small lures or floating worms around the weed beds is a deadly technique.

Waranga Basin is another option but many people put in big days with no rewards when fishing here. In saying that you do get sessions where you can land 50-60 fish in just a few hours.

I have spent days at the basin where I have brought home 4 or 5 redfin over 45cms which is something that you never forget, especially when using light gear it’s just a huge buzz.

Another redfin option is the channels surrounding Shepparton. They are a great idea for a hour or so before dark, the redfin will almost take anything from lures to bait. One real real adrenalin rush is using small bream-sized surface lures flicked a metre or so from the bank.

The reddies throw everything into a bite on surface, sometimes launching themselves 10-20cm out of the water. The channel system may drop like usual but there are still areas of the main eastern that holds water all year round.

If you’re not looking for redfin the Goulburn is still producing legal sized cod. Most reports trickling through have been that bait is working the best. Reports are leaning towards fishing behind the Shepparton Lake from the bank. This area does get fished a lot but it always seems to produce good fish.

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