Hot and cold fishing prospects
  |  First Published: May 2013

May can be a pretty hot and cold month for fishing in this magnificent part of the world.

The trout fishing, which makes up 95% of the fishing in this area during May can be red hot one week and very slow the next. One thing that will not be red hot in the Kiewa and surrounds area during May is the daytime air temperatures, so make sure you take plenty of warm clothes if heading out.

The Kiewa River should fish well in May, particularly around the Tawonga and Mt Beauty areas as the big brown trout from the deep holes downstream make their way upstream to spawn. Bright coloured lures such as the fluorescent orange super Vibrax are a great starting point at this time of the year. If they are not working try a small minnow in brown or rainbow trout pattern, as the trout can become a bit territorial around their spawning areas as they prepare to spawn, and may strike at a minnow out of aggression.

Don't be afraid to tie on a larger lure than what you normally would to try and frustrate a bigger trout into a strike.

If we get some decent autumn rain worms will be good bait to use, but if the rain fails in autumn, bait fishers will do it pretty tough in May as most of the crickets and ‘hoppers have gone by then. Mudeyes will still work as they usually work all year round. Their effectiveness is usually better in the warmer months, however they will still pull trout in the cooler months.

Across the hill at the Mitta Mitta River and conditions should be very similar to that of the Kiewa, with freezing cold mornings, icy cold water and big breeding trout making their way upstream to spawn. This is a great time of year to fish both of the above-mentioned rivers to target these big trout. Please exercise caution when wading in these rivers as the water will be icy cold.


May usually sees a slowing of the redfin fishing in this area due to the cold conditions. The odd redfin can still be picked up in Alans Flat Waterhole, however it is Lake Hume that is the number one spot to head in May to target redfin. I always like the deeper water this time of year, with 8-10m a great depth to start. Try bobbing small soft plastics up and down along the bottom of the lake in this deep water, or dangle a small yabby or bunch of worms close to the bottom. In May, finding the yabbies can be three quarters of the battle as they bury themselves into the mud for the winter!


Anglers chasing yellowbelly should head to Alans Flat Waterhole. The yellowbelly fishing would have slowed down a lot in the cooler weather, however if you are very luck, and very patient you may just pick one up. Lake Hume can be very similar in May when fishing for yellowbelly.

Murray cod can still be caught in the Kiewa River during May, however it can become very hit and miss. Last year Brenton Richardson had one of his most memorable sessions on the Kiewa River during May, then the following week he had a fishless trip in almost identical conditions!

If you're heading out in the Kiewa and surrounds area during May, good luck and stay safe.

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