Whiting continue to relish the autumn conditions
  |  First Published: April 2013

Even though we have had plenty of those awful east winds there have been good patches of conditions where anglers have been having a great time.

One balmy evening I decided to have a look at some beaches to the west of Inverloch to see what was happening. I came across a group who had some surf rods and observed them for a while. The surf was pounding in and there was plenty of kelp rolling in making conditions difficult.

After a short while I saw one rod bounce around in the plastic pipe in the sand the angler nick named ‘Budda’ had a battle with the fish and accompanying kelp but eventually landed both. The fish was a very impressive whiting that measured 44cm and was caught no more than 30m out in shallow water. Budda reloaded with another squid presentation, as this was about the only bait that would not wash off and a few minutes later there was another enquiry with the result being a 35cm pinkie that was returned to the water as he had all he wanted.

What many land-based anglers fail to realise with this form of fishing is that you don’t have to cast out as far as possible to reach the fish, in fact by doing this you are probably throwing over the fish and wasting your energy.

There have also been similar reports of good size whiting being caught off the rocks at Cape Paterson that are taking a variety of baits which include Bass yabbies, squid and fresh strips of fish such as pilchards or silver trevally.

Outside the entrance at Inverloch in the deeper water there are makos making an appearance along with gummies and snapper. Of course there are plenty of squid being caught and making a bit of a nuisance of themselves when they strip whole baits suspended under a balloon intended for other big targets.

Land-based anglers are doing very well inside the entrance where there has been a very good variety taken including silver trevally to 500g, mullet and flathead along with whiting that have been to the 36cm. Bass yabbies have been a stand out bait while squid and silver fish have also been very effective.

It is not always the case that you have to cast out as far as possible as previously mentioned. True, the fish are in the weed but the idea is to throw into the sand holes which are indicated by the lighter patches of water. The fish will see the presentations in the sand holes and dash out, grab the meal and then head back to cover and this is when the action will begin.

There has also been plenty of action as far as boaters are concerned where good size whiting, mullet, flathead and silvers have been bagged in good numbers.

Bigger fish such as whiting, silvers and flathead are in good numbers in the vicinity of the snags which is on the other side of the inlet opposite the jetty where Bass yabbies, sand worms and squid have been doing the job. The idea is to take a chance around the underwater furniture and when there is a hook up don’t waste any time as these fish are dirty fighters and will head straight for the woodwork.

The fishing has really gone ahead in leaps and bounds since commercial fishing has ceased. This is a belief shared by many, especially the old timers who have lived through both eras and would not like to see things return to the bad old days.

In the area around Stevies Gutter there have been good numbers of whiting, silvers, gummies and flathead being taken where best results have been at low water. Big flathead are taking a variety of artificial lures including soft plastics. They are very effective at the edge of channels as the mud flats come out of the water and the big fellows are lying in wait for an easy meal.

Mahers Landing is one of those places which always seem to be productive. Land-based anglers are having a very good time mainly on the run-in tide. Salmon, flathead, silvers and whiting are in good numbers and as the water reaches its peak if this coincides at evening then there is every chance that gummies will make an appearance in good numbers.

Just a short distance to the left of the boat ramp near the red channel marker, boaters and land-based anglers are doing well on whiting, silvers, flathead and mullet.

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